False stamp

False stamp

Vienna Feb 2015

Farah Notash     

The time has changed… Africa                                                             

And… everything has changed

When they were sending

Their Christian missions

To teach you love…!

That’s well over…

Not regretting

Everything has changed… Africa

Now is more beneficial

To teach you hatred…!

 Boko Haram is sent

It’s leader…

With a white grin in his mouth

The full trained butcher of the CIA

With a false stamp of God…!


Then … your children’s blood

 Red and fresh … runs

On the old black soil of Africa

Non-stop bleeds Baga and all its villages

Nobody hears a sound

And no one talks about it

World’s deliberate silence

Wipes mirror from your last sigh

And your never heard cry

Is never registered

The time has changed … Africa


You are being caught no more

You’re being tied no more

You’re being enslaved no more

They just want you no more

Your fault…

You spread life on black gold


The time has changed … Africa

Everything has changed … Africa

But their never ending greed

Is one and only unchanged … Africa

Dreams of world mines possession

Oil … Gold … diamonds…and…

The imperialists’ greed and brutality

And the undeniable silence

Of Human rights defenders…!                                   


Baga a town in Nigeria, 2500 people were massacred by Boko Haram Feb 2015                 


www.farah-notash.com    women’s power

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