A word with…

A word with...

The Eu

The Eu had better realize that women's power is much stronger than the USA and Britain. And WP tells the EU to crystallize and break away from the USA and Britain


The youth of the far right in the world,

Please read and discus the Women's Power's ideas. WP is not going to repeat the dark yesterdays.

WP is a fresh breeze of sunny tomorrows. When you believed the ideas in your heart, leave the past and join the future.


Young Islamist in Al-Qaida, Taliban, Muslim brotherhood, Salafi and others ....

Please stop fighting against the Syrian army, and please stop terrorism against Iraq and Afghanistan governments.

The time for religious ruling is more than 1000 years over.

USA and British imperialists, who are the designers, have established all the Islamist movements, for their own benefits .They has deceived you.

Women's Power is going to overthrow them.

Your leaders are their servants.


Moslem Women in Europe with all kind of Islamic Hijab



Women's Power is not against any ones dressing, but WP is definitely

Against all the American agents in the European mosques with the names

Of Imams. They after brain washing your young men and sending them to turkey for arms training, have then sent them to Syria to kill the people there. Over

1700men from Europe have gone to Syria and have killed the people and destroyed their houses.

As a result of this horrible anti humanist action there is nearly 1, 5 million

Children to be used as sex tools, and the women and children refugees

also in Turkish camps are already sex slaves. All of them are also Muslim and your sons have ruined their lives. And injured their heart for ever

How are you going to pay back and compensate. All the American servants

Leaders, have deliberately brainwashed people of the eastern countries,

to make new religious colonies for themselves.

The new world movement WP is going to finish all this. And finish the USA

and British imperialists.

You can also join this great anti Imperialist movement.

WP has a lot to do. Stop anyone from going to Syria, ask all those who have

gone to comeback at once. WP is against all wars.

WP is going to take the responsibility of controlling the mosques. If these Imams run away as they are highly criminal they should be chased.

All of them should be arrested.


Moslem men and women who are under the Islamist spell, American and English agents



If you can travel by camel and fight with sword you can have religious

Ruling. But you don't. You travel with jet and you use mobile phone. And

You use internet. USA and GB by their agents have deceived the people of

the east and Africa for their own benefit.

Stand Up .We are not against any religion, but the time for religious ruling

Has more than 1000 years is over. Stop fighting against Syrian army and

For America.

The damage your young muslim man have done in Syria is never repairable

and you can never compensate. AT least stop any further damage.


Mujahidin KHalgh Iran

WP with extreme sorrow and sympathy for all the massacre of your members in prisons, street, front and Ashraf town of Iraq, has always fallowed your activities.

The rising world Women's power is a secular and strong anti imperialist. No matter how many times we make revolution in our country, again imperialists will impose their servants to us. so turning done , USA and GB is on top of the list.

WP will never have again a religious ruling in the world.

With understanding your constant problems. WP would appreciate adjusting your outlook for future.


All the Iranian men and women

For security WP suggests during the actions wear chador.





The writers and all the artists in different field

Join the WP with your arts. Join to change the world from constant criminal policy of imperialists.



You have been showing duality during your presidency.

With your color a play of exploited

With your heart a play of exploiter

But definitely you are an imperialist player.

You are responsible for nearly 1.5 million Syrian children to lose their

Parents and face the most dreadful future of being sex tool.

Stop playing tricks.

Collect your agents from the world. Your and GB'S Islamist movement has

destroyed the world. Collect your agents from the mosques and empty the

criminal house and go

You are responsible for the pressure on Julian Assange, Edward Snowden

And imprisonment of Bradley Manning .you are responsible for all the

misery in the world in past 8 years, go go go


Mr Putin

On the 18 November 2013 was your massage was on the News head line.

Iran and Saudi-Arabia make decision over Syria.




WP was surprised?

These two backwards regimes who one is fighting for USA and other one for GB, should decide over a regime who is fighting with USA religious Dr

Bashar Asad stay until WP takes over. The brave Syrian army has been fighting with USA's World Mafia.The man Eaters.



Women's Power is absolutely against waist.

Killing people not only is against WP'S Strategy, but also is a great waste of

Working power. WP will not have political or criminal prisons.

WP does not believe feeding and giving accommodation to the people who

Have been against humanity. But WP has restricted work shops.

Everybody will work.

Mullahs of Iran will dig the Caspian -Oman channel. Big desert of Iran will be nice and green. They have stolennation's money they have to pay it back.

WP realizes for the borderless net government there is

A lot to do. For harmony in the world the north and south will help one another.the west and east shoulder to shoulder. No war.

How delightful life will be. This glorious age needs glorious people.

Like Julian Assange...Bradley Manning...Edward snowden,

We will make it. We can.

Farah Notash

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