Women’s Power… WP

Women's Power... WP

World anti imperialist front, men and women


Farah Notash
Vienna...Nov 2013

Women's Power is the most forceful world's oppressed power coming up to

Take over the ruling of the globe.

This  furious rising volcano that soon is going to run all over the globe and burn the roots of spying war maker imperialists on top of all the USA and their slave maker servants all over the Globe, such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, also the British imperialist and it’s pedophilic servant Iran.

This strongest power is neither an organization nor a party. It is a worldwide powerful front containing all the anti imperialist states, parties, organizations, women and men all united, armed and furious in action.

The main body of this movement is the contained and repressed women's revolutionary Power in the Patriarchal world of imperialists.

This front is activating the potential reserve of power of women and men,

to change the world, to wash the shame of indifference towards imperialists' crimes from the face of life.

The drawings of borders belong to the imperialist's interests; WP does not recognize any border. And with a motherly look, with no discrimination for races and sexes, sees the globe as the home for every human being.

W P is sick and tired of wars, militarism, and terrorism, WP will stop the selfish reactionary barbarian imperialist's activities on the Globe.

Not only will chemical and nuclear weapons soon be dismantled all over the Globe, but there also will not be any need for producing further weapons. WP is highly against contamination of earth, oceans, sees and air, by imperialists and their servants. And it is going to stop them. To be elegant by wearing other people's skin?!  Never.

WP is for real economical and social rights for all men and women in the world, and is going to stop this selfish uncivilized inhuman class distinction.

WP has respect for personal beliefs, humanist ideologies, or all religions.

But WP is strongly against religious ruling and is going to abolish USA and British Imperialism who are designers and establishers of Religious Neocolonial states, by

misusing the beliefs of the masses.

The time has come, that all the parties, organizations and states who are anti-imperialists unite to activate and raise Women's power as the most powerful furious movement against imperialism.

Imperialists should know it is the end of their rule. We are all armed (from cold to warm weapons) and we are everywhere. From simple police stations to armies and nuclear weapon bases. All our people who are shortly going to point their weapons towards them.

Heroes as Edward Snowden, Julian Assange and Bradley/Chelsea Manning, are not alone. We will support them, and free them soon. Presenting a passport to Edward Snowden is not only is an honor, but a duty. Urgent establishment of a WP Court, with the world's humanist judges, to take John Kerry, the Obama's Foreign Minister, to the court in absentia for the huge Spying system against the nations and the states for the past 8 years. Judgment by default will be enforced by Women's Power in the United States or elsewhere in the world.

China and Russia, it is the time for them to correct themselves, and join the WP.

The time for demonstrations is over, now is the time for Unity and organization

WP is not a closed static circle.

WP is a dynamic open spiral, which is progressively reforming itself and is going higher and higher, for a better life for mankind and nature on the globe

People of the world unite under WP today;

WP is definitely much stronger than the greedy emperors of Banks and their tools the imperialists ruling machines (the states) and their local servants. The political prisoners are waiting for our rise to break prison doors and free them.

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