Net Age and Women’s Power

Net Age and Women's Power

Farah Notash, Vienna Dec 2013

Women's Power clearly realizes that we are living in the Net Age and we are

contemporary to the Net.   The sun is shining and the Net Age is here. The

glory of this Age is astonishing.

Net like the sun is so generous for everyone.

Seeing and talking to someone on the other side of the Globe.

Reading the latest world news every minute and not waiting for the evening, or the next day’s papers.

 Learning through internet.

Taking and giving ideas, having email boxes one or more, and.....

Appreciating what the Net has given us is the lucky feeling of living in this age.

Equality, we all have the same size e mail box for free. We can have more if wish.

Borderless waves going across borders without any obstacle.

Freedom of speech the Net has given us, although the USA has spied on the people. And Iran’s savage regime slowed down the speed.

Fast delivery.

Glorious high capability of communication and being Global.

One can go on and write a huge list of the sunny characteristics of the internet.

Women's Power fully appreciates all this and is the movement of this age with

 a focus on future .

From the time humans were living in the caves, we have passed many eras.

Every age is defined by two main structures. Infra and supra.



Infra structure is based on the state of production.

Supra structure is always born parallel and harmonic to the infra structure

and defines the state of man's outlook in philosophy, art, science, politics, religion...

The mutual effect of infra and supra structures on one another is the dynamic

element of human society's progress.

The rulers do not want the changes in supra structures and never

Want to give up the power. The revolutionary people want to make the

 harmony, and that is why they are imprisoned and killed for the benefit of the

rulers. In every age humans learnt more and became more intelligent through

their production. Living in Net Age with the supra structure of Copper Age

 causes conflict and tremendous damages in human society.

As a genius marrying a mentally handicapped person. Man becomes mentally

sick. I hope that is clear for the USA and Britain imperialists. The

founders of all the religious movements in the world. Al-Qaida, Taliban,

Moslem Brotherhood, Salafi, and the savage backward government of Iran.

These two horrible Imperialists impose the outlooks of 1400 years ago to the

glorious Net Age.

Extremely backward ideas of the camel riding period are imposed on to the

 world. While their Islamist puppets take advantage of the most modern

products of the Net Age. All these are caused because they want to prolong

 the duration of their ruling and take the benefit of the world's wealth and not



share it with the masses.

Queen Elizabeth (Mrs.) at the age of 87(born 1926) is still eagerly running

around to save the kingdom for her Great Grandson, while the system of

monarchy has died out with feudalism. In the industrial period the system of

elections every four years started as well as and presidential mandates. They

 want to rule the world through the thousands year- old –graves of the


They are dead and will not admit it, as parasite have stuck and want to

 stretch it as long as they can, even eternally. The Net Age government is going

To have huge number of people ruling the earth in a spiral form and has

nothing to do with this backward pyramid systems of Britain, Iran or

 Saudi Arabia. Mrs. Elizabeth should know WP would never let her Great Grandson to be a puppet of imperialism as she is. He will work like all the healthy men and earn his living.

WP will soon make two museums.

Buckingham Palace as Mischief museum, starting in the 18th century after the industrial revolution, and the beginning of British colonialism and playing games on nations till today.

So it is wise if Mrs. Elizabeth finds a flat for herself and leaves the palace with all her belonging in it for the Museum.

The So called White house. In the near future will be Criminal Museum.

The pictures of all the criminal presidents of the USA since 19th century will be

presented with statistics and criminal identifications.  

WP is going to stop the conflict in the world. Living in the Net Age people do

not need the rulers of slavery and feudalism to rule them.



The Medias which impose them on to the Net Age societies are getting paid to

keep them alive. Lady Gaga should know she has been misused by the Britain

 to make free advertizing for them. Lady is lazy, and an old rotten feudalist title. A true artist does not need any title. John Lennon never used the Sir title.

The time when it was said “the people of Britain are the properties of the Queen „ is Long ago over.  All the kings and Queens are to resign from now on.

Why should WP pay a man like Juan Carlos King of Spain, such a huge salary?

He does nothing except having relationships with different women.1500

 till Last year. Other men do it for free!! WP does not need any funny kings

 And queens and will not pay for such things. Although monarchies are too old to understand the Net Age and Women's Power but WP has to remind

them it is much more respectable to resign themselves.

WP is for world peace that means WP would rather to give birth without


Speaking with the numbers 7,200, 000, 000 is the world population.

Nearly 4000, 000, 000 are women .This is WP's army, Plus Billions of men who are with WP against the imperialists. And all are armed. Cold and warm.

So all the armed forces in the world should know WP is much stronger than

All the imperialists together. SO it is the time to stop taking orders from

Imperialists and their servants and join the WP.

 2014 is the year WP will make two museums.

3 regimes are on top of the list to be over thrown. Iran, the USA and Britain.

The armed forces in these 3 countries should take a brave humanist positive step to rescue their nations once and for ever.  WP will support them.

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