To Sputnik International,

To Sputnik International,

Farah Notash           Worlds Anti-imperialist Front        Women’s Power

Vienna 06.01.2019

(copy to Russian Parliament, copy to Russian Embassy in Iran),

Dear team Sputnik International, please read and react as a volcano against this insult and filthy humiliation against the Russian Nation, the USSR and its leader.

The following article in Sputnik Iran, has crossed all my red lines and has made me to write this letter to you.


چرا استالین کشور اسرائیل را تأسیس کرد؟

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15:04 02.01.2019(به روز شده 15:20 02.01.2019) دریافت لینک کوتاه


Why did Stalin establish Israel?)

Publishing of this article is strange, which follows many similar previous articles in Sputnik Iran. It is clear to everyone, that the articles published by any media are the ones which do not contradict the editorial outlook. Unless is an imperialist medium with a democratic mask. Sputnik is not a private medium to act in an open-door chaotic way, which for obtaining money prints every ridiculous article.

So, how could be tolerated, an article in promoting the Zionists in Sputnik Iran? And yet the fall of the Soviet Union according to the CIA documents was totally planned by the Zionist CIA!

What does it mean if a petti- racist Zionist lawyer from occupied Palestine, to help the drowning US Zionists, beside many other mischievous goals, can have an interview published in a Russian paper and then this article appears in Sputnik Iran, where outlet critical Russia- friendly comments are never published?! And is a government media, outlet which is expected to present ideas in line with Russian policy! It is a proof of the infiltration of the Sputnik news Iran team by Zionists.

The Sputnik-Iran should explain under what kind of deal it has pushed this article and similar previous bullshit articles in this media space?

After analysing this article, the main aims are found to be:

-To humiliate the Russian Nation for its scientists not being capable of inventing their own Nuclear Bombs, so doing a dirty deal as the only way to acquire the bomb! So, accusing the USSR.

– Condemning the Soviet-Unions founder “Stalin” for an inhuman deal of handing over the Palestinian to the monster Zionists to receive atom bomb in exchange!

– This devilish article tries to overcome the worlds’ hatreds against Zionist US and occupation of Jerusalem as Zionists’ capital, therefore proposed Stalin to be blamed instead!

– This extremely devilish article by focusing on Stalin as the establisher of Israel, tries to promote illegal Israel among the world leftists.

This article aims to make Stalin lose all respect because he was a great hindrance against Zionism and Trotskyism in the USSR.

This article is a true example of political Charlatanism, and the people who conducted the interview and those who published it are political prostitutes.  

If the people working for Sputnik Iran, have given up and have accepted the US Zionist’s Leadership and by publishing such articles and many before, are showing their loyalty to their Zionist Lord, they should know world is watching them and despises them for their humble loyalty. This Zionist infiltration in the Sputnik Iran is not accidental, it is due to the Zionists plan for further destruction of Russia.


Fake stories can never make the people blind to realities.

No place for Imperialists’ and Zionists’ servants in Russian Media.

Women’s Power

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