Rising misery in Venezuela and unstoppable USA

Rising misery in Venezuela and unstoppable USA

Farah Notash               Worlds Anti-imperialist Front       Women’s Power

Vienna 26.01.2019

The US recognition of the presidentship of Juan Gaiudo, not only was not accidental, but has been planned for a long time. The big show started a few minutes after J. Gaiudo declared himself president during a demonstration in Caracas on 23rd Jan 2019. An organized US coup. Then this recognition was confirmed by other imperialist countries and Anti-socialist, pro-US Latin American countries within one day!

When Trump in one of his Jan 2019 speeches emphasized that the USA was unstoppable, it did not take long to prove it!

The USA has been trying to change the Syrian government since 2011; ASSAD must go! This Idea was supported by the same imperialists. And now after his unsuccessful long -term attempt, it wants to leave Syria and immediately it starts a new mischief in Venezuela!

It is true, the USA is unstoppable misery maker and it is the most negative power of the world, which attempts to impose its own barbaric style of ruling and domination on other countries. The main part of its sick greed of seizing all the world resources is to push all its obedient servants, as local ruler, to keep control of the lands with resources. There and then, the US monster is truly unstoppable!

All the compound economic problems rising in Venezuela, are not surprizing, as the long-term US sanctions and various games for causing inflation with such an unbelievable high rate of 130,000 %, are only parts of the vast US conspiracy. The conspiracy to pull down the leftist Anti-imperialist government which has been ruling Venezuela since 1999, starting with President Hugo Chavez.

Although US planned coup of 2002 failed, the continual conspiracies have been going on until to day.

Chavez was Anti Neo- liberalism and Anti-imperialist. He applied Bolivarian reforms and was for the Alliance of South American countries and a Bank of South, and the nationalisation of large private factories and companies. Since 2013 Nicolas Maduro, a follower of Chavez, has been as the President elected by the Venezuelan people. The immense inflation caused by the USA has caused great hunger emigration (about 6000 000). The poor exploited hungry nation of Venezuela is running away from starvation death and is being beaten to death on the borders of Brazil and Colombia. About 13 000 000 people having already moved to live in slums in outskirts of the cities.

The recent problem of J. Gaiudo’s open coup, is the result of the work of the USA, planned over many years, which a study of Leopoldo Lopez’s biography, the man behind Gaiudo gives a clear idea of what has been going on in Venezuela under the command of Washington.

Leopoldo Lopez, who is under house arrest in Caracas, comes from an elite wealthy family and finished his boarding school in the USA. After getting his degree in sociology and economic in the USA, he got his master’s in public policy from Kennedy School of Harvard University. Then in 2007 he receives his Honorary Doctor of Laws degree from Kenyon, USA.

He is supported by US Human rights Organizations and has a good connection with Washington DC. He was trained in the USA to fight against Chavez. He has been continually acting against this leftist government from the start. Juan Gaiudo is his student and is under his command. Lopes was nominated for Nobel peace Prize 2018. In his web site he is wearing a big Cross on his neck while he has been saying is fighting for international socialism! Voluntad Popular, his last invented party is a social and political pluralistic movement that stands for the right of all the Venezuelans!

This is a real US puppet, brought up to fight against socialism in Venezuela and make the people miserable. And the Juan Gaiudo his brain washed student.

Just shouts with his mouth wide open like a donkey.

Hereby I call on all humanity and ask for a clear investigation. To find out the cause of this murdering inflation in Venezuela and stand up against this monster.

It was only a month ago when the US foreign secretory Mike Pompeo, the big fat Yankee, threatened Iran’s Mulla Government: “If you do not wish your nation to die of hunger you should do …”

And Iranians are suffering under the pressure of the heavy sanctions imposed to Iran by the USA.

Let us Unite against the Zionist USA and finally stop the savage monster




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