The Tragedy of Iraq’s Marathon

The Tragedy of Iraq’s Marathon

The USA opposition

Farah Notash                                           26.4.2013 Vienna


The well digger fell in the well.

1976… The USA founded Al-Qaida against the ex Soviet Union in Afghanistan, and later the Taliban in Pakistan. In 1995 the socialist government of Dr Najib fell, with the establishment of the darkest and most reactionary government combining these two forces in Afghanistan for several years, which was supported by the USA.

In 2001 Al-Qaida attacked the twin towers in New York, and then with the excuse of fighting against terrorism, the USA occupied Afghanistan. The attack on the towers was a play planned between the USA and Al-Qaida.

The Neocolonialist government of Karzai was the replacement for the Taliban in Afghanistan.

The branches of Al-Qaida have been growing ever since in all the other countries. There is always a bomb explosion here or there planted by the Al-Qaida branch in Iraq. 

There is no security left for the people of Iraq in caring for the needs of everyday life, after the brutal misery of occupation by the USA in 2003.

The descriptions in the Media are limited to numbers of deaths. As if the people there were just numbers.

Ever since, the USA has been misusing Al-Qaida as a tool to apply neocolonialism in different countries.

Look at Syria: Obama is supporting Al-Qaida to replace Bashar Asad with an honest servant. So far 70,000? People have been killed. The opposition supported is the Al-Nusra front, the Syrian branch Al-Qaida, with the help of other Al-Qaidas from different parts. They are well equipped and armed with heavy and chemical weapons by the USA and allies. Now the US government has just decided to double the aid given to the Syrian opposition.

So terrorism historically is documented as a Neo-colonial tool of the USA’s foreign policy, whether republicans or democrats.

The tragedy of the Boston Marathon is due to the growth of a new US branch of this self-planted seed in Afghanistan. So as in an old Persian saying, „the well digger falls in the well”.

Although the USA is so cautious and choosy with its refugees and immigrants, one can never stop ideas from penetrating the borders.

If the USA does not wish to have terrorism in its country, it should stop supporting them in other countries. Isn’t it enough, 70,000 deaths in Syria? Al-Zawahiri, the successor of Osama bin laden, is dreaming of an Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham (the ancient name for Syria).The USA is helping the most reactionary forces to take over in Syria.

When the people of Venezuela voted for Nikolas Madura why did Obama support the opposition? Isn’t this political terror?

Obama shouldn’t forget his pathetic situation with Romney, the very narrow difference between the votes.

Apart from Al-Qaida’s activities in the US, the nation is massively armed. The culture and the media are all encouraging and teaching criminality. The refusal of the Senate to legislate for control of weapons should not shock Obama, as that isn’t a solution. The most effective way would be to divide the USA into many small lands, as it did with ex Yugoslavia! Then it would be easier to control!

As the state of USA is always supporting the most reactionary oppositions in different countries, e.g. the new state of Egypt, now is time for the people of the world to support the most progressive oppositions in the USA.

This imperialist regime not only is so inhuman towards the other nations, but also most unkind to its own nation. Humanity will be freed the day it is totally eliminated.


Left Unity

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