The Play in Prag

The Play in Prag

Farah Notash                                          April 2010 Vienna


On the 8th April 2010 at 12.30, the monumental coronation palace in Prag was the back stage for the most decisive and comedy play of our time. The Imperialistic Media highlighted this play as an historical event.
The subject was the signing of an agreement (called START) for an equal reduction of Nuclear Weapons on both sides, the USA and Russia.
In the public view, reduction is regarded and imagined as elimination. But the agreement is nothing like that at all.
The Atomic explosive heads are being stored somewhere, and can be activated again in less than two months. From 2200, they still are going to reduced 1550 by 2017.
On the other hand, this so-called historical event was a kind of house-cleaning of out-dated weapons and preservation of the advanced and highly efficient weapons. Just as old computers are dumped near rubbish bins in the corners of many streets.
Although the two sides have nearly 90% of the world's nuclear weapons , if they equally reduce their nuclear weapons, as the other members of Nato are not reducing their nuclear weapons at the same time, then that puts Nato, in an even stronger position than before the agreement.
On the 6th April 2010 Robert Gates, USA 's defense minister, announced the strategy of Obama's foreign policy:
The USA is not going to use nuclear weapons (or even threaten to use) against any country who is in compliance with the nuclear non-proliferation treaty, which excludes North Korea and Iran. The names of the USA's allies like Israel and Pakistan, who already have nuclear weapons, even for a few decades, were never mentioned!
So this is the fact, the countries who are partners of the USA can have nuclear weapons and act as a base for this country's criminal goals, but others, must live under Damocles' Sword for ever. So as the USA is highly equipped with nuclear weapons, it can go on dominating other countries who are not equipped. Under its constant Imperialistic greed, that means, it keeps on with constant attacks and occupation.
On the 6th April 2010, the Russian foreign minister Segei Lavorof, asked for international nuclear disarmament, and as ever, in the past half century, the USA showed no interest.
So how is this misery going to be stopped? How should the countries of the south defend themselves against the constant wars and occupations of the USA?
The USA's defense budget for 2010 is 533 to 603.8 billion $
with a 9% growth each year. This huge military budget is not the result of the hard work of the American Nation, but is gained by the USA's criminal foreign policy.
Occupations and Stealing the fruit of other nation's work, their achievements and property.
For many years the USA played different mischievous games to bring the Taliban against Dr Najib's socialist government. Then with its nasty game after the destruction of the Twin Towers on 11th Sep 2001, it entered Afghanistan to fight against the Taliban. Now they are bringing back the Taliban once again! Meanwhile, the considerable growth in planting and harvesting poppy has greatly raised the production of opium, increased corruption, with a substantial rise in addiction among the world's youth.
Now Obama comes up with the idea of giving 300 $ to every farmer to destroy his own poppy farm, as he thinks this is the main economical source of the Talibans. On the other hand he is bringing back the Taliban to take part in the government. Plays and games again!
When the Talibans were in Power, after a tremendous rise in planting poppy, they also were against planting it. They even announced that they are going to cut the head of anyone who plants poppy by their farm. On research, the reason was , that the stores were full. And they did not want a fall in prices.
Now, what is behind this 300$? The US Government is just a criminal killer and occupier of the world, it does not have a humanistic feeling for the youth of the world not to be addicted!

The tragic life of Afghan women, the enormous number of self burnings is their loudest cry against this inhuman interference, in the past 30 years.
This is the globalization!
If in 1923, the Monroe Doctrine could be seen as an anti-colonialist revolutionary idea prohibiting Europeans from colonizing and interfering in the West Hemisphere, now USA imperialism, having attached so many corollaries to that doctrine, and putting them into practice, which has become the most aggressive, destructive tyrant of the globe.
Getting equipped with nuclear weapons is one of the most serious reactions of nations to the criminal character of the USA.
It is a defense barrier against a powerful giant who is constantly ruining their world.
Looking at Nato, founded on 4th April 1949, with 12 countries against the Soviet Union. Now the number of members under USA's pressure has expanded to 58 countries.
This huge war machine is under the command of the USA for the implementation of its neo-imperialistic goals.
The Nato soldiers in Afghanistan are at the service of the USA to destroy that land. And have been able to draw it back to the tribal era of the early feudalistic period. Providing the opportunity for the most reactionary barbarism to grow, such as the marriage of a 3-year-old female child to an old man!
And does the USA share with other members of Nato what it steals from the occupied lands?! No wonder the Canadian Government announced it is not giving any more soldiers to Nato in Afghanistan
from 2011.
USA's demand, for disarming the other countries, is just another way to feel at home everywhere, and enter any country without any resistance and occupy. Of course the USA wants no country to be equipped with nuclear weapons, except itself and its allies.
The question is, whether to defend oneself against an enemy who feeds itself only with crime and occupation, while its Nato war machine is equipped with all sorts of chemical, biological and nuclear weapons. What other options do the countries of the South have?
Getting equipped against the USA and its Nato War Machine to defend oneself, not only is not a crime, but indeed is a respectable sign of awareness and a state of self realization attained by those nations who clearly know and recognize their enemy and want to show their serious character and resist. Resist against the most corrupted criminal regime in the world.
Obama uses time-wasting and numbers such as 2017 or lifetime in his speeches (he admitted he did not expect to see the end of nuclear weapons in his own lifetime).The misuse of the world's wealth – which is the only and absolute result of the hard work of the world's working-class – should be immediately stopped in all the countries who are producers of weapons of mass-destruction. Or as I would rather say, all kinds of weapons under an international agreement..
This is never accepted, only the reduction of weapons by just two countries, nothing but time killing and giving the chance to the USA imperialism and its partners to reach their goals:
Colonizing the world and enslaving the world's working class.
The working class will never be deceived by any mischievous plays and games, whether in Prag or Washington
Only a clear path towards International Nuclear Disarmament will be acceptable.

Haiti …earthquake …!?
Or underground explosion?
Bush Clinton…
Walk hand in hand
On the broken streets of Haiti
With their ugly grin
Brand new colony
Such an easy occupation
Great planned misery…
No resistance …
And the World's frustration

1 May,2010
International Nuclear Disarmament
Needs working class's thunderous cry

Left Unity

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