The footstep sound of new slavery Ahead towards world socialism

The footstep sound of new slavery
Ahead towards world socialism

Farah Notash Worlds Anti-imperialist Front |Women’s Power

Vienna 17.04.2020

The attacks of Coronavirus on defenceless people, torturing them and then suffocating them, is still running. Although warmongers of this biological war against defenceless people of the world are trying to divert peoples mind and hide their huge crime and blame others for it, intelligent people know well, that in investigating every event, not only the evidence, but also the history and goals of the accused are considered.

Although the known pandemic of Coronavirus started in 2019, the goals and plans of creating the virus, go back many years. And besides, the US history is appalling indeed.

In 1940 the USA had an extensive biological war programs.

On 6th and 9th August 1945 atom bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

In 1999, the USA used its “CBW” Chemical and Biological Weapons against the Philippines, Vietnam, China, North Korea, Laos, Cambodia,

Puerto Rico, Cuba, Haiti’s refugee boats, Canada. The USA has misused the US citizens as “Path Lab guinea pigs” whenever it has wished. The USA is known for using Chemical and Biological weapons via its proxy armies in Iraq and Syria. Since 1999 several virus epidemics are thought to have been

created by the USA. The aim of all these crimes is domination over the


world and its resources.

In 1949 the first meeting of the Bilderberg group took place in Amsterdam’s Bilderberg Hotel. The ideologists of this group are the US Government in shadow. The meeting every 2 or 3 years takes place in unknown hidden places. The heads of the countries under their domination are chosen by this group. The US presidents also go through this filter. The colleges are under the influence of this group. And the final product is under the direct influence of this group and not the people of the USA!

The Fascist Trump has been elected for dirty jobs. The jobs which none of previous US Presidents has accepted to implement are:

The cancelations of all international agreements.

The cancelation of the ban on short and intermediate nuclear weapons with the “USSR-Russia”.

The cancellation of the Nuclear agreement with Iran.

The cancellation of all the international agreements on Palestine and preparing for a situation with a single government in Palestine ruled by Israel, with Jerusalem as its capital.

The cancelation of the 1925-1974 agreements banning the production of biological weapons.

One of the Zionist rules of domination is staying in dark until the point where no power or conspiracy can remove them. Now, they are clearly finding their position safe, as they are expressing their ideas openly.

Several days ago, Henry Kissinger, the criminal ideologist of the US Government in Shadow, expressed the idea that saving Capitalism was more important than people’s lives. And that vaccination should be compulsory. And he threatened that if things do not proceed well, there will be military conflict. Does that mean the compulsory vaccination will be enforced by the military!?

And the type of vaccine getting prepared in billions by Bill Gates, another member of the US government in shadow, can be, according to his speech of 2010, a vaccine to control world population, as well as an ID, and as many other aims as possible. A liquid nano chip as a leash on a dog, allowing total control over people’s bodies and minds. Some scientists see no point in world vaccination, but on the other side, the friends of Zionists are announcing that in six months a new wave of Coronavirus will come, and this situation will remain for four years. And that no medicine can cure it, except worldwide vaccination! Or clear enough, they will continue with the Coronavirus as long as it takes for humanity to accept the nano chip vaccine!

The biological war has started against humans. And beside that, weakening the governments, impoverishing the world’s people while continuing to enrich the few. And dreams of taking control of the bodies and minds of people via nano chips and changing them to robots, or sterilizing them, as well as anything else imaginable, are being realised.

A decisive run of research on a vaccine with effects no lesser than of the atom bomb is in process in the world.

The naked aims of the Bilderberg group has been openly expressed by Henry Kissinger: the salvation of Capitalism is more important than saving people’s lives.

What is ahead, is not capitalism anymore. It is a new kind of slavery.

The owner of Amazon added 24 billion dollars to his wealth last month. That is when all the international organizations have warned of the increasing number of people starving in the world. And this is the direction the world is being driven in.

In this stage the one and only antidote against this horrible crime, is worldwide socialism. The world has witnessed that everyone without exception, even all US fans, have been exposed to this virus, except all those who had already been vaccinated.

So, this anomalous present situation demands the unity of all against the supporters of capitalism in the world. A unique organization in each country for establishing socialism is the most essential step now. 1-1.5 year till mass production of the vaccine is too short. The death of billions of people is planned.


Socialism… the only way for human salvation

Sectarianism … the lever of defeat and debilitation

Women’s Power

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