Coronavirus made in USA

Coronavirus made in USA

Farah Notash         Worlds Anti Imperialist Front       Women’s Power

Vienna   02.03.2020

In the last few days an argument has been going on in internet over the Coronavirus. The mischievous prophet-making of Dean Koontz has begun in Facebook. This hidden type of hypocrisy by a number of people who have been giving out two pages from two different books by Dean Koontz, as one, was an attempt to develop a conspiracy theory against China.

They claimed the prediction on the basis of the fake evidence that the book written in 1981 “biological weapon” and the second book, “End of Days” written in 2008, were the same book.

All that horrible conspiracy was revealed by some writers, which was published in the internet.

But the idea of announcing a prediction and encircling the name of the biological weapon maker in the pathogen lab of Wuhan, from the first book, seems a clear attempt to impose the rest of the story as a fact! This hidden conspiracy is the reason to write this article.

The ideas of Jules Gabriel Verne, 1828-1905, French novelist, poet, playwriter, who later wrote science fiction novels such as “Journey to the Centre of the Earth” or “Twenty Thousand League under the Sea” and many others, inspired many scientists and inventors. In fact, he was not predicting, was putting out a creative idea. Prediction is giving out news of sometimes which is going to happen out of any one’s decision. But what a science fiction writer does, is creating an image and a design. And later some inventor gives life to his images. That is creation and not prediction. That is what has happened with Dean Kootz’s ideas from the two given books. The pentagon’s path labs have followed the idea and produced the biological weapons. And made it with slight variations, as the signs and symptoms of the sickness vary a little from country to country!

Funnily enough, last week Israel announced that it would shortly introduce the treatment for the Coronavirus disease!!

Many years before 2020, when tourists were taken to China by different travel agencies, they were told by their agencies to wear gloves and not buy anything in China!! Because there was a sickness there!! And which sickness was that?!

The reason for accusing the USA of making the biological weapon of Coronavirus is:

The USA is the head of the international mafia attacking all the southern countries and plundering their resources.

The main product of the USA is weapons.

The USA needs war to sell its products.

The USA is the great enemy of China.

The USA is in economical war with China.

No country will use a weapon of mass murder on its own people.

Please note that the USA has not been affected by the infection so far. The ideology of the Zionist shadow-government of the USA, given out by the Club of Rome, was to reduce the world population to 1 billion.

Besides, the history of the USA is marked with high criminality especially after WW2.

But as the USA regime, like the Mullah regime in Iran, is liar, commits the crime but does not want anyone to reveal it. The heavy punishment for the Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange and Chelsey Manning is for revealing thousands of US War crimes in Iraq.

The US regime is the most immoral regime of the history, but uses moral masks for the punishment of those who reveal its crimes. Roman Polanski, the great French-Polish film maker is another case. He is being punished for the film “Ghost Writer, made in 2010, against CIA- Tony Blear”. But the mask for punishment, is the rape of a 13-year-old girl in 1977. Just like the mask for the punishment of Julian Assange, were the two bought Swedish women with their sickening fake sex stories.

The CIA buys these women to misuse them against the revolutionary men. And all its stories are believed only by simple people. Like the two actresses walking out, in protest from the recent French Cesar prize event in Paris, because an award was given to Roman Polansky.

Killing for the USA is joy and a hobby.

Down with the USA!

Women’s Power

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