Symphony of.. oil of Iran

Symphony of.. oil of Iran

Farah Notash Vienna 2008

Dreams of destination        
         and free evacuation                                              oil of Iran

Maneuvering warships         
         chest of the gulf gets rips                                      oil of Iran

Planned great robbery         
         shipping the infantry                                             oil of Iran

US...France... England         
         eager... weaponed robots to land                            oil of Iran

keep running the pipes ..on sands
         masses ..fresh blood ..on hands

No change in the old resolution                                        oil of Iran 
         criminals ..for the final solution

                                                                           oil of Iran
it will not be a simple navigation
         gulf full of blood ...there is no hesitation

                                                                           oil of Iran
compassions as democracy ...freedom and people
         lies in Iraq...for robbing the mines simple

                                                                           oil of Iran
there is no excuse for attack and occupation
         shameless lies as huge as a" bomb" for exaggeration

                                                                           oil of iran
look at the process of .. great middle east plan
         occupying.. killing ..plundering.. as much as they can

                                                                           oil of Iran
brought them to the gulf..dreams of oil of Iran
all are be  buried in soil of Iran         oil of Iran


unite.. stand..brave working class of world
you can stop ..savage imperialists...
before endless bodies get cold

masses fresh blood, ...  referring to more than one million people killed in
Iraq since 2003 occupation

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