Stop Joe Biden

Stop Joe Biden

Farah Notash                 Worlds Anti-imperialist Front         Women’s Power

Vienna 22.03.2022


 On 7th March 2022, RT reported that 30 Pentagons’ bio- labs have been discovered by the Russian army in Ukraine, then all Russian Media, RT and Sputnik in Europe were blocked.

Joe Biden accused the Media of lying, and when China questioned Joe Biden over the BIO-labs, he kept quiet! But since RT’s revelation, the USA keeps warning the world, from Russian Chemical and Biological attacks against Ukrainian people.

Joe Biden thinks he is talking to a bunch of handicap people, that can be persuaded by his lies.

Joe Biden can block some medias, as he has done so, but cannot change the history.

There is no evidence in history, of Russia using Bio or chemical

Weapons. But there is endless evidence, that USA, has been using them in attacking countries.

 The world has not forgotten white helmets chemical scene arrangements in Syria. The agonies of those kidnapped babies who were misused as victims of the chemical attacks’ arrangements in Syria, is not erased from minds.

So, to hide the Bio labs, the US plans, on using Bio and Chemical Weapons in Ukraine by its proxy armies, and then blame Russia for it.

To protect Ukrainians who are still living in Ukraine, urgent steps by world press and parties is required.

Joe Biden must be stopped of using any Bio and Chemicals weapons by its Proxy army on Ukrainians.

Women’s Power


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