Our face

Our face

I am not talking of hunger

I am not talking of thirst

I am not talking of darkness

and being pushed to… humiliating disgrace


the talk is of the dignity

which is dying in us

in me

in you


millions of people

are driven in to hunger

hopeless …homeless

beaten at borders

frustrated to death

no power to speak out

no power to cry…


deep meaningful silence…


the matter is …

the human dignity

which is dying in us


…our tolerance …

… our indifference

which smashes our face


we adjust ourselves

to every new imposed injustice

we tolerate … all kinds of humiliation

and every abuse


it is the time …

we must get up and shout

break and smash

all that …. which ruins

our human face


what is not acceptable

is … this filthy ordination

which damages human life…

we belong to one human family

living on earth

silence and toleration

just ruin our face



Farah Notash

Vienna 26.01.2019

Book 8


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