Julian Asange

Julian Asange

It will not take only one life time

but… will be the running rule for ever

no shame…

the dirty rulers want more and more

don’t wait any more                                    

we must ruin all the BASTILLES on the earth



the time is passing

stand up and cry for all

for all… for all… for all…

all the people of the world

the steering wheel should turn

to the people’s command


if we jump up all together

we can cause an earth quake

if we jump up all together

we can drive the earth out of the solar system

we must rush towards all the prisons

we must break down the doors

we must crumble all the walls

we must bring out …on our shoulders

all the political prisoners


we must free Julian Asange

we must give him…

the worlds badge of honour

a heart-shape fighter tag necklace

with an oblique written on it

from right to the left upwards

“long live humanity”


we must break down …

all the slaughterhouses…

labelled as Embassy

labelled as Consulate

we must put an end  

to the dirty wishes …

and the terms of

the bastard rulers


Farah Notash

Vienna 22.10.2018

B00k 8


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