Open letter to United Nations General Secretary

Open letter to United Nations General Secretary

From Peoples Front for Iran’s Salvation


Dear Mr Antonio Guterres, the United Nations General Secretory!              

In the past few days after the Ukrainian passenger plane was shot by Iranian rockets, the world has witnessed how easily the Iranian Mullah Regime has lied. Not only all members of this regime have lied over the past 42 years in Iran, but they are still lying.

Today the Mullah Regime has announced that it is responsible for the fall of the Ukrainian plane. And Iranians all over Iran are furiously protesting against the lies of the Mullah regime.

The Mullah regime’s different personalities have given different reasons for the fall. The error of the missile in distinguishing between the passenger plane and a Cruise Missile.

The error of the person who fired the shot.

But there is also a third missing reason in the reasons given in Farsi and English, which needs high consideration in the investigations.

The night before the incident, Hassan Abbasi, the fundamentalist Strategist and theoretician of the Revolutionary Guard announced: “If the people came to street and ripped the reformists, do not say we had not been informed before.”

They wanted to regain power after Qasem Soleimani was shot by the USA!

That is why, considering the 30 university professors who were leaving the country on the Ukrainian plane, as well as the rest of the Iranian passengers, who were known as opposition by the Revolutionary Guard secret service, which is part of the Shadow Government, under the direct command of Khamenei, the “ripping command” may be the main cause of the fall!

If any of those reasons given was the cause of the fall, why didn’t they announce it the minute after the fall? They were the first to know the truth! And instead, they started to clean the place of the collapse before any investigation, from parts of the aeroplane and scattered bodies! And continued denying the order to shoot!

If evidence had not been given by other governments, they would have never given the black box. Now that they are caught as liars, they aim to rescue their position by admitting the shot.

A full international investigation and an end to the life of this monster regime is what people want.

Besides, the arrest of the UK ambassador for one hour in Tehran yesterday was a deceiving cover played out by the UK and its Mullah puppets in Iran, just like the agreement for the long-term imprisonment of Nazanin Zaghari is a cover for their relations.

Down with the USA – Down with the Mullah Regime of Iran!

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