Impudence of the century

Impudence of the century

Farah Notash                 Worlds Anti-imperialist Front                 Women’s Power

Vienna 03.02.2020        

Until yesterday, Trump was not able to look at the world map and find out where Palestine was, or he was not able to read books to find out the truth about colonialism and the misery caused by colonialists in Palestine. But today he has got onto a topic which not only is none of his concerns, but also, what is presented from his side as a main feature of his term in office, happens to be his latest “Impudence of the Century”!

And with the most sickening bullying attitude, he questions Mahmood Abbas: This is your last chance to have a country! Jerusalem is capital of Israel, and the rest will gradually be the country of Israel! Do you want to have a country or not?! And yet Palestine belongs to Palestinians, and it is their country. And all the Jews were deceived and transferred from other countries by the Zionists to occupy Palestine, now must go back to their homelands or anywhere else they choose. Their immigration to Palestine is illegal and not permitted by the people of that land and has never been accepted by the world’s 99%. That means if anywhere in the world someone says he comes from Israel, the people’s reaction, which they may not show in the person’s face, is “oh, one of those! an illegal occupier”!

After the industrial revolution, Britain started colonialising the other countries of the world. The most inhuman and brutal attack and invasion of these countries began and were followed by the plundering of their resources. That was the beginning of the British Empire, where the sun never sets!

In the case of Palestine, crimes were carried out by the colonialists, one after the other. The British Balfour Declaration 2.11.1917 is the most sickening statement of history. Besides, the declaration has 2 conditions. The first condition which is: nothing shall be done which may be prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non- Jewish communities in Palestine, has been totally ignored.

As every bit of that soil has been soaked with the fresh blood of innocent

Palestinian children, women and men.

British colonialists, which had already taken Palestine over from the Ottoman rulers of Turkey, instead giving the land back to its real owners, the people of Palestine, after several years of colonialising it by British forces, handed the domination to the Zionists, under the Balfour Declaration. Winston Churchill told them “It will take you 100 years to fully take over this land!” Every bit of that soil is soaked with the fresh blood of innocent Palestinian children, women and men.

In the name of the world’s 99%, human dignity, in the year 2020, the abolition of the illegal and doubly corrupted Belfour Declaration must be announced. From now on all the colonialists’ agreements, no matter where on earth, must be cancelled. This is the great wish of the 99% and will succeed.

The respect and freedom of humanity is only possible through the empowerment of the United Nation. This is what humanity needs in the Net Age.

The year 2020 is the year humanity needs to rely on the levers of civilisation which it has gained through the history.

Just like the 20th century was the century for the freedom of Vietnam, and all the 99% of the world supported the hero nation of Vietnam, under the great leadership of Ho Chi Minh, today again the honour of humanity requires the full support of the 99% for the rights of Palestinians.

Let us all support Mahmood Abbas.

         May the world help the Jews to easily get resettled wherever they wish, they have been deceived by the Zionists. They are the first victims in Palestine case, who lost their homes, jobs and homelands. Humans all equally need love and respect. Let us bury racism in 2020 everywhere in the world.

         The Freedom and all rights for Palestinians to have their own country and their own secular governments is the joint duty of the world’s 99%, of humanity in 2020.

Long live Palestine for Palestinians!

Welcome the Jews back to their homelands all over the


Women’s Power

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