in concentration camp

Could someone tell me

What is my name

Or ... even could explain

 What is the game.

The number on my arm

Means... nothing at all

I am a gypsy...gypsy...gypsy

Dancing for all

I am a gypsy...gypsy...

Singing with love

But you and your hatred

Tuning me off

I keep on dancing... equal ... with no word of race

But...Your chimneys ready

For burning my face

I go on loving ...loving

Deep from my heart

But see your intention

In burning this heart

If someone could tell me

Where is my home

They have cut ...all my hair

I need comb

But what you will never know...

Love... is always winner

Hatred is thrown out of earth

By the world’s spinner  

Farah Notash   
Vienna   12.11.2014
Book 8

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