Faceless woman

Faceless woman

Farah Notash
Vienna Oct 2014

I am calling for help

With the loudest cry of mine...

All me... is abridged in it

I am lost ... in time and Millennia

Can anyone tell me

Where I am  

And in which century ...century

Mullah throws acid to my face

Mullah burns my face

Mullah burns my eyes

Can anyone tell me...tell me

If I am a human

Have I any rights

My heart is in flames burning

Burning in imposed injustice

Can anyone tell me... where in time I am

My blood and bones

My thought and all my being

Belongs to the net age

I am a woman of the twenty first century

But I am pushed and thrown

Into the hell of gone millennia

In to the graves of inferior prehistoric ages

Burning me with acid

Making me faceless

I am burning ...burning ...burning

In the flames of injustice

Do I look like a human

Where are my rights

I hate...I hate....I hate

I hate this hijab...I hate this imposed stupidity

I will not go down

Not back to wretched absurdities

I am crying for help...help...help

The UK imperialist and his servant Mullah

Want to throw me in to the darkness of the past

And if I don't ... they burn my eyes

They wipe out my face

I am a faceless woman


Don't show me the mirror

Don't look at my face

Yes I was a woman

Now... I am blind and faceless

Can anyone help me ...to pull the imperialists down?

Can anyone help me ...to pull the world's mullahs down?


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