From the south

From the south

When warm wind blows

From the south

And on its open wings


The sigh of Patrice Lumumba

I say to my self

Where have they done it again


When …the hourly news

Reports the rise of mortality

In Africa

North … south and center

I ask myself …

Why have they done it again


When a tribe

Totally disappears

As if … it never was there before

And the blood of…

Black men… women and children

Become a short cure of

US Leukemia

I say to myself

How could they do it…!


When they...

For their unlimited greed...

Take nations as hostages

And hide...

Their Neo colonialist faces

Under the fooling religious masks

To know facts

To be honest...

Have to pass valleys of lies

And the only sound heard

Is the irritating offending

Bringing low human

I keep wondering

For how long

Would they go on...!


just to be sure

Of their golden future

Mosques are coming to short to fool

They are starting from the babyhood and pram

Dislocate the brains in kindergartens.

And I say to myself

Would they ever get away with it

When the people know their tricks

And rise



Farah Notash                   

March 2015 Vienna

Book 8                                                 

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