Zionists under the red flag,

Zionists under the red flag,


In working class vanguard

Farah Notash                             June 2009

During the Second World War in Europe, as the leftists were fighting against fascism, some of the Zionist (capitalist) and antifascist Jewish activists, became members of the leftist parties and organizations. They even later established more new leftists' parties and organizations, which goes on till today.

Axis forces (Nazis and fascists) lost the war to allied forces, in the former Soviet Union and in the Far East, Hiroshima and Nagasaki due to usage of nuclear bombs by USA.

                     During the war Zionists in USA came very close to the leadership too.

Communists' parties as being the real working class Parties, had the sharpest edge against the capitalism.

Although most of the European communist parties, with tendencies of leaning towards revisionism of Bernstein and Kautsky, Owen, Otto Bauer and rest of the co, with spectrum of red variations, but still were the strongest front for supporting working class's interest. 

After the war, the new members stayed with the leftist parties in Europe. As the working class had great sympathy for their tragic situation (the holocaust) during the war, as well as strong anti Nazi/Fascist beliefs, they got the best opportunity for the activity in Communists' parties.

Later in the process of the progress of Imperialism, the Zionists in the communist parties of Europe, started activities and leaning towards USA Imperialism and the local capitalism. The aim was, to isolate Soviet Union and also to detach communist parties from the ideology of Marxism Leninism.

Zionism which in nature is nothing but a capitalistic ideology, in its basic principles and foundations as well as other beliefs, has antagonistic contradiction with the working class ideology, Marxism Leninism. So this hidden antagonistic contradiction in the European communist parties under sever Zionists' social asphyxia was imposed to the European working class. Any criticisms to the capitalistic steps of Zionists, inside the parties and outside the parties were denounced as Nazi ideas ,anti Semitism and were eliminated.

AS the goal was driving Europe towards USA and isolating Soviet Union.

With the historical links to ideas of, revisionists and the great effort of Zionists activists in the European Communist Parties, and other leftist parties as the essential factor, a tremendous right turn took place.

The war between the two fronts, of different countries also was another

Reason for having cold relations between the brother parties of Europe

And Soviet Union.

The majority of the European communist Parties gradually became a mixture of Capitalism and Marxism, called Euro communism. Radish- wise, red outside white inside. Every now and then a new bourgeois adviser as a leftist wrote a new prescription for the working class, naming it, "modernized communism". Surprising how they have been able to detach most of the communist parties from true communism.

Another factor which should not be left in the shadow, is the dominant

character of the Zionists. Their interest in occupying the leadership, to keep all the steps under control. If not successful, ruin and establish another self centered party or organization. A well organized international harmonic cooperation continuously goes on.   

In the international steps their activity can be easily followed.

The most vital example is the problem of Palestine. Soviet Union was a    support till it existed. But most European communist parties and the other leftist parties and organizations have helped the misery-causing Zionists occupiers to do what ever they wanted.

Although severely against the brutality applied by the Fascists, but mostly indifferent, and closing their eyes to the brutality applied by the Zionists towards Palestinians in the past 100 years.

And even further, a help in mopping up the most miserable situating brought up by the Zionists. The Palestine map from 100 years ago till now

Is a shameful evidence of this claim.

The communist parties, who should be anti racist, keep quiet, when the racists Zionists occupiers kill the Palestinians in one house after the other.

As if, they also believe, God had given them the land!  

The communist parties, who should be the supporters of the masses on the globe, have been taking the Side of the imperialist Zionists occupiers.

Zionists activists in left parties, and their friends in the United Nations help them to get away with all the killings too.

Legitimizing one century of racism, killing and occupying.

This shameful evidence is nothing but straight interferences of Zionists in the working class parties.

Workers gradually left the parties.

Without knowing these facts, one would wonder how the capitalism for 100 years always been the winner in Palestine.

In Marxism divisions do not take place through religions but through classes.

And each class, and stratums through jobs, skills and economical income.

Zionism according to Marxism is a racist and most self centered capitalistic ideology with all its characteristics. Absolutely the other side of the same coin as Nazi/fascism. And both the two flying wings of Imperialism.          

This is the basic reason for keeping Leninism in the shadow in the European communism.

The first victim of Zionists activity in the European communist parties is the European working class.

Honesty and truthfulness are the most important characteristics of the working class behavior.

When a worker does not see and find those, he or she leaves the party. 

Jobless, homeless, oppressed, depressed, and no where to go.

No one to talk.

The European worker is the loneliest with a life full of pain.

Free to go to bar and drink and drink

Free to have street sex…no love, no family

To watch football

Never be approached by the Communist party.

A worn-out flag in working class's name, with no worries for the workers.

Most of the central comities are controlled by the Zionists. The parties

Shrank and became smaller and smaller.  

No struggle for the working classes rights, in these conservative communist parties.

Look at the high rate of psycho cases in the society without hope for future.

And look which parties attract and absorb the workers!

And look who is demonstrating in the streets, wailing Nazi Nazi!

Fascism is growing! 

The second victims in Europe are the true communist activists, the intellectuals, who had to leave the parties, became passive and depressed.

When in south, for the communist activists, there is the danger of physical elimination, in Europe there is the danger of depression and getting paralyzed.

Emptiness, lack of truthfulness, being lost in middle of nowhere. The capitalists Zionists captured the working class parties.

The tactic and strategy of insist and ignore, kept going on. At full service of imperialism. Together with the applied Zionistic Social Asphyxia.

The 3rd Victim is the society.

Lack of true communist ideas and Struggle in economical, social and cultural fields, is the cause of an unchallenged growth of borderless imperialistic outlooks. Rise of multi-dimensional misery and sever world wide giant, class distinction.

The 4th victim is the international society,

Deceived, neglected and a stop to human social evolution. Total freedom for imperialism to expand as far as it wishes. The life on earth as a large family ignored. The true socialism on earth, under pressure by the imperialism, and the local capitalism. 

The result is the unlimited growth of class distinction and consequences, the unlimited misery in the whole world.

Looking at it closely and over again, I see the problem of Palestine, not at all as a national problem.

Zionists occupation in Palestine is a malignant tumor, which is

Harmful to global existence as a whole and has been an international problem. 

With the pressure of international Zionists Imperialists applied to the masses of a nation, it is obvious that on the oppressed side, the world working class should always be found as the supporter.

Purification, inside the communist parties is the world's most urgent need.

In the two poled society, Zionists in one end, Fascists on the other,

There is no freedom for the other ideologies such as Marxism Leninism.

This Zionists social asphyxia and the many-side pressure caused by them, is the base and bed of growing brutal Fascism as before.

Historical Materialism is teaches how to find the future from the Past.

Never forget     (Niemals vergessen)….very good idea.

Should not be just an empty slogan.

The reasons for growth of fascism should be over and over historically-

dialectically studied. Other wise with all these pressure, repetition will be the only answer.

Leave the workers parties for workers.

Go to where you belong to, infra capitalistic parties.

And if Jewish activist for merely economical reasons and purposes cannot cut their ties from the darkest fanatic ideas of man's primitive age, and still feel attached to these misery makers of the world ,then they are expected to resign themselves and stop being used as tools of Imperialism and harm the people of the world.

Their duality, clearly can be seen everywhere. They have no more chances for further hidings and double plays.

Their many sided help has opened the way for Zionists victories in Palestine in the passed 100 years.

For all those killings and moping up, the leftist Zionists, in the parties,

organizations and Medias are responsible too.

They should be prepared for accusation by the world wide working classes court.

Their mission to ruin the working classes parties, organizations and ideology has been carried out very well.

Now is the duty of the working class, to recognize them and purify its fronts from them.

Leftist Zionist is capitalist communist. Such mixture is nothing but capitalist capitalist. An extreme rightist entering the working class front with tricky tools.

European left with a logo, a star half white half red, is a true symbol of the total content.

Touch stone is the Palestine.




Left Unity


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