World is grey

World is grey

Against the usage of chemical bombs in Halabche Iraq

Thunder thunder lightening 

Dreadful sound is frightening

Nothing moving ... nothing said

Sun has faded before met

Twisty branches have no leaves

Doors are all shot ... with no keys


Living people far O'far

All hearts left in deep scar

Whirlwind carries leaves around

Listen to the human sound

Where can I go ... where can I stay

There is no chance ... world is grey


Blossoms of thoughts ...upside down

People crying... even the clown

Silence silence ... town in ash

Life is not worth... a penny cash

Listen to the rivers flow

Living of age urges glow

Eyes are open ... looks still

No one breading ... death is real

Baby's hand on mother's breast 

His head hanging of his chest

Someone smashed human rules

Men at their works... dead as tools

Pebbles of stones O pebbles of stones

Side by side... with young men's bones

The grey clouds of lasting sigh

Covered the town and the sky

All these graves line by line

Would bright sun ever shine


Farah Notash

Tehran 1987

Book 4

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