Farah Notash
26 11 2009 Vienna
Intenational day against the violence against women

I am not a puppet
Nor a doll
Not a means for fun
Or capitalistic sales to run
But a woman …woman
yes…I am a woman …I am a woman

Don't force
Don’t shout
Don’t beat
Don’t cut
Don’t write rules against me
I am a human
Equal to man

Respect my struggle and standing
I'm expecting your understanding
In the name of any religion
Want no fooling… in any region

Stop slaving me
Stop humiliating me
Stop using me…using me…using me
No evaluation as half a man
Nor imagination of sex doll as you can
I am intelligent
A great part of the world's population
Have no hesitation
I am woman equal to man
Respect me if you are human

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