When the agreements are ignored!

When the agreements are ignored!

Farah Notash Worlds Anti-imperialist Front Women’s power


Yes… of course, everybody is for the peace! Even the warmongers!

But, just supporting the peace, is not any help to the very unsolved problem of the people. Humanity is looking for an intelligent solution instead of condemning Russia.

The world is expecting, this so-called civilized world of Northen Countries, respect the agreements made through the UN.

There are only 2 ways, make wars or make and respect agreements.

Therefore, respecting agreements is a must, and is evidence of civilization.

It is not a joke, you are at your home, a bomb is thrown on your life.

Your family is killed in front of your eyes.

Not for one or 2 years, for consecutive 14 years.

What would you do when the peace agreements are ignored?

Not once, but twice!

Surely you don’t expect the governments to wait for further killings!

Every human, and every country is obligated to defend itself, and

its people in front of any attack -aggression and disrespect. This is very easy to understand!

The self-defence is one of the first signs of vitality. Now standing against this

self -defence, and supporting beautiful slogan of peace, is nothing but

ignoring the reality.

Till here I have not spoken of anything as communism or fascism. I am

talking as a mother. If someone make a habit of beating any child, in any school way, the mother will go to the school management. If the attacks are continued, will go to police, and court. And if nothing changes, the mother regardless of any damages, will fight for her child herself.

Peace!? When the authorities are unable to help this child!? then if any mother lets her child to be beaten every day in the school way, she better die.

This is the logic of our natural motherly duty, which has been given to us by the nature, and nothing can change it. Otherwise, we are not mothers, and we would better die. Your manly bulling logic is unacceptable.

In any attacks to people without weapons, they cannot defend themselves. They need to be defended by their governments. And if the government ignores the disaster, then has to be hardly punished for it.

Between 2008 -2022, the US Proxy Army in Ukraine, the Bandera Azof fascists, have been attacking the Russian people in Donbass, through the Europe’s largest steel factory Azovstal in Mariupol. 15000 people have been killed before the Russian intervention to Ukraine on 24thFeb 2022.

Many demos were held in Vienna, to support the Russian People in Donbas and burnt workers in Odesa, long before 24th of Feb 2022.

The Minsk agreements of 2014 and 2015 have been ignored by Ukraine.

Angella Murkel in Jan2023, in her interviews has clearly said: we had to make agreements to give time to Ukraine army to be prepared!

So, the only acceptable objection to Russian authorities is: why did they wait, after the first attack, after the 2014 Minsk Agreement?

The Russian defence answer to Ukraine has been late. No body should dare to break the agreements on his own wishes. Any changes should be done through the UN. Civilisation means impowering the neutral UN.

To promote human civilisation, we must respect the agreements.

This is the only way to support the true human rights and prevent any war.

The Greek Communist Party needs to read all its statements again. And stop double-crossing. All those parties among the communists who are the followers of the revisionists Karl Kautsky since 1914 and are against Russia defending the oppressed people of Donbass, had betrayed Lenin. They cannot follow revisionist Kautsky under Lenin’s flag! They are the ones, who are for the US- Israeli Colonialism in Palestine!

They are the racists who pretend to be anti-racists!

They are the ones who betrayed the great nation of Greece and overloaded its warehouses with old French Weapons and broke the nation’s back, under the imposed debts! The French and Greek socialist parties!

No…they are not new traitors. The world is watching and seeing them!

Marxism Leninism is true defend of oppressed peoples right. Since 1914, when European Communists and Socialists Leaders turned their back to Lenin, the people of Europe, have also turned their back to them. All the European communist parties are very small parties. Because a party cannot have people’s vote , if it is not honest to the people.

Yes, no one can deny it, the head of worlds imperialism since WW2 is the USA. The ones who have been attacking more than 50 countries and plundered their resources and killed millions of people since. The one who has made NATO and persuaded European countries to be its member. And all together attack and plunder the southern countries. The USA, who has made different underground organisations such as Bilderberg, to run the world with conspiracy. The USA, who has stated Globalization and harsh Neoliberalism.

The Communists Parties who are trying to put China and Russia at the same level to the USA, and call all of them imperialists, are true helpers of the USA, and are trying to fade the US criminality. They are the followers of the revisionists Kautsky. They are the US Proxy, infiltration army, among the world’s leftists. But they play as supper revolutionary communists. They condemn the pro-Russians, as supporters of a capitalist bourgeois.

Then they should be other waiting to hear the other side call them, supporters of the US Nazi-Zionists Proxies.

The honest communists should keep away from them.




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