Urgent Call… Provocation to Cause Diversion US puppet in Ukraine is overshadowing Yemen

Urgent Call… Provocation to Cause Diversion
US puppet in Ukraine is overshadowing Yemen

Farah notash       Worlds Anti-imperialist Front     Women’s Power

Vienna 28.11.2018

During the past four years, the World Media have not been permitted to focus on the harsh US war by its proxy army, the Arab Coalition, against Yemen. The aim of this war is the colonialization of Yemen with 200 islands and domination on the warm waters. The commander of this horrible war has been the Saudi Bin Salman.

With Bin Salman’s Scandal for slaughtering Jamal Khashoggi the Saudi Journalist and the revelation of hidden miseries imposed on the Yemeni Nation in the past four years, the US is trying to overcome these huge revelations and the scandal, by making 3 shocking criminal attacks between the 23 and 24 November to cover up the Yemen war again.

– The HAARP attack on western Iran, resulting in a 6.4 earthquake with 600 casualties and ruining many towns and villages,

– The chemical attack by US Islamist terrorists in Syrian Adlib,

– Ukraine’s Gunboat provocation in Russian waters off the coast of Crimea.

The confession of the seamen from Ukraine’s’ Gunboats that they had orders from their commanders for a provocation in Russian waters, is the latest scandal for the USA, the first country in the world in terms of criminality.

Then Niki Haylie the US-UN delegate cries out that the US will support


Then came a row of new US sanctions!

By the way, the conflict in Ukraine has been used ever since its beginning in 2014 to draw attention away from the war in Yemen.

The US is trying to hide its Yemen crimes which are part of a war for domination of the warm water. The waters from the Indian Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea, through the Oman Sea, Persian Gulf, Aden Gulf, the Suez Canal, to bring slavery back to world.


Reveal and stop the US conspiracy

in Ukraine, Syria and Iran


Free Yemen… Free the warm waters




Women’s Power

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