This Wall

This Wall

Farah Notash
Vienna, January 2004
For the agonies of the Palestinians

Many years ago
made me a widow.
you spread on my life
the ugliest shadow.

To raise up this wall –
you ruined my house.

To raise up this wall –
you cut off the farms.

This wall...
as grave stones.
Heavy on the hearts,
heavy on the bones.

schools and check points,
anxious little hearts –
in touch
with gun points.

You keep on saying –
want terror no more.
you terror the souls
and target the hearts –
for sure.

Are no pigeons in sight,
with rankle life no light.
Wall, made the town as a cage.
Leaves doubts behind for a rage.

Rocks will all roll,
walls will all fall.

No matter how wide,
no matter how high.
Witnessing the past,
wide broad sky.

Walls of political prisons,
walls for crooked reasons.
No matter how dreadful,
no matter how frightful.
They have all crumbled.

They have all crumbled.
Creepy cruels down
have all tumbled,
Their oppressive regimes
Have all tumbled.

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