The Revenge Dance

The Revenge Dance

Not because I want to say it                  

not because you want to hear it          

for the sake of the record and registration

a historical event

the Revenge Dance of a nation

the dance …

which traversed … town to town

and spread …

all through the Land of Iran

frightened… and made them tremble

and shook …

the pillars of hypocrisy and falsity

in Ahmadabad of Mashhad






Nation of Iran

explosion of your hatred

explosion of your anger

against stone age gloom…

so glorious and impressive

in your crowing… slogans and songs

and in your …

flame- like… spreading dance


the first “Revenge Dance” of a Nation

recorded … in historical memory

and your dance … a unique explosion

of your silent hidden anger

along ever rising oppression… slavery

for forty bloody years

going on and on…

crushing you… and your progeny

with the question of … when will you be free


Thousands of greetings and salutes

to your anger explosion

many merry congratulations

to this… impressive

merely glorious… cultural accusation


all by your side

along your accusation

be everlasting … your resistance

against the mafias…

plunderers of your wealth

against the imposers of gloom

and the sick … stone age frustration



Farah Notash

Vienna 26 May 2017

Book 8

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