The last concert

The last concert

On the farewell of… Ibrahim Göcek

                         Helien Bölek

                             Mostafa Kocak

due to their hunger strike

for justice and freedom


The last concert …

melody of purity in revolution

droplet rhythm of constant determination


the last concert…

strong protest against the rulers

ignored rights by capitalist dominators


the last concert…

pick of …humans’ honour

revelation of how… net age people suffer


the last concert…

the loudest cry of anger

droplet death…323 days’ hunger


the last concert…

doubtless human’s demand

freedom and justice are the command


the last concert …

the strongest melody for rights

a constant play… on strings of hearts


The last concert…

dynamite of people’s uprising prone

explosion of Erdogan’s golden throne


The last concert…

NO … to dominating capitalism

struggle for humanist socialism




Farah Notash

Vienna 17.05.2020

Poem book 8




Ibrahim Göcek, Helien Bölek and Mostafa Kocak were members of a Turk-Kurd

musical group, Yorum. They were arrested by the Turkish government.

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