The heroes of Dehlavieh village

The heroes of Dehlavieh village

On 22nd of Farvardin

Played upon the heart strings

Earth in tears and grief

bowed its head with respect

for the human dike of Dehlavieh            

the Time…became breathless for a while

for the beauty of this bravery

and the peak of this lenity

then stamped the prides of these heroes

on the astonished forehead of history

                               Long live the young men of Dehlavieh village


On 22 of Farvardin

rushed again… enemy’s torrent of sludge

instead of blossoming buds …and violets on meadows

from enemies seeding and replacing clouds

is nothing like rain…

constantly pouring water

and its torrent…

is ruining houses and bridges

and contaminates everything in stinking wallows

and sweeps and washes away

all belongings of the people... till chest in torrent

drowns farms and houses

breaks all the bridges

and leaves behind pain …misery

and endless poverty

hundreds of thousands of miles… upturned ruined roads

not…in one or two towns

but all over Iran

the US lever for domination

is protecting distance by…

pushing in poverty … every single nation

                             Long live the young heroes of Dehlavieh village


the young valiant men of Dehlavieh Village

in cold…where there were no facilities to make a dike

bravely jumped in the rush of the muddy torrent

and joined shoulder to shoulder…

stood tight behind each other

made a palpitating dike against the torrent

and put their bare…human loving chests

against the torrent’s cold roaring whips

                              Long live the young men of Dehlavieh village


with admiration and respect

the world widely reflected

and recorded the history

the exhausting efforts

of these true masters of resistance

this pure sunrise of personality

and of human refusal to surrender

Long live the young men of Dehlavieh village



Farah Notash

Vienna 16.04.2019       = 27th Farvardin

Poem book 8



* Dehlavieh is one of the villages of Ahvaz, a town in south west Iran.

*Farvardin is the first month of the Persian year.

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