Reverse Revolution

Reverse Revolution

Egypt’s revolution in reverse Situation

Farah Notash                                       Vienna Dec 2012


If you are determined to read just one book in your life, then don’t miss Sinuhe the Egyptian, or Sinuhe, Pharaoh’s personal doctor.

The author is Mika Waltari from Finland.

Published for first time in 1945 in Finish, and since translated into 40 different languages. The author learned hieroglyphics, to be able to read the memories of Sinuhe on the Papyrus sheets of more than 3000 years ago during his exile alone on an Island.

This historical Novel because of its accuracy not only is interesting for the normal readers but also is important for historians and Egyptologists. The book was a best seller because of essential similarities between the threatening character of King Suppiluliuma and Hitler.

But there are other important aspects which are to be observed. His detailed travel account from Egypt to Syria, Mitanni, Babylon and 

Minoan Crete. The cruel and tragic misuse of the masses by different religions all over.

His special attention goes to King Akhenaton, as the first man who divided everything equally in the Horizon city.

Sinuhe stands as gigantic wonder man, if not greater, then at least no smaller wonder than the pyramids, facing us in the great field of history. Although far, he is so near… for his crystallized pure deep humanism.

Beside him, the eternal Mika Waltari to enables us to see the life of the ancient man. So similar to the life of today’s man.

The constant demonstration of the people of Cairo in Tahrir square against Morsi of the Moslem Brotherhood is the significance of

People’s awareness of the dictatorship and the religious misuse.

In 1929 English Imperialism founded the Moslem brotherhood in Cairo.

The goal from the beginning was to oppose the leftists. For the bravely standing people of Egypt under the dictatorship of Mubarak, the only replacement was this neocolonial instrument.  Furthermore even in the late era of the Mubarak regime the Muslim Brotherhood‘s weekly meetings were held in the USA‘s Embassy. The Arabic Spring also stayed with Mubarak’s war machine, loyal to the USA. Morsi’s promises very soon faded away. With a few orders the new Pharaoh took the mask off his face.

So far 644 people are wounded and 7 killed in the Tahrir square.

In 1976, Al-Qaida was established in Afghanistan by the USA, and Aljahad in Cairo. And a few years before the Taliban in Pakistan.

Very soon they all had branches in different Islamic countries.

Always Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the Emirates were helping the USA.

Not that these over-sexed rulers with harems, who sweep enormous money from oil sales, have the intelligence of taking a step.

Never. They were active as USA dogs; whatever they did was the bark of loyalty to keep their positions.

1994 -3000 Pakistani Taliban leave for Afghanistan. They help to bring about the most reactionary cruel nomad’s government of Taliban instead of Dr Najib’s socialistic government.

2001- The USA’s planned attacks on the Twin Towers, and the invasion of the USA into Afghanistan and the emptying of the mines till today. Establishing the neocolonial government of Karzai.   

2o12-Thousands of armed warriors of  Saudi Arabia and Qatar, USA dogs enter via Turkey to Syria, go inside the people’s houses and come out pretending to be the opposition, and fight the Assad Regime.

Thousands of USA troops outside the borders dying to enter!!

The Sunni opposition recognized by France and England. 

The USA has no time, a severely deteriorating economical situation, endless debts, and collapsing banks!

The people of the world should understand!!

They cannot tolerate democracy …followed by socialism anywhere.

The people of the world should understand!!

One of the American Senators was criticizing his own government “why do you establish these religious groups and then radicalize them and then kill them, which is not good for the USA“.

The Imperialists are much happier with these self trained Islamist groups than any other form of governments in the South. 

90 million inhabitants of Egypt, crying for democracy…

While the Tunisian starters of the Arabic Spring are crying for democracy, and rejecting Islamic governments too,

the USA is pushing Islamists in to Syria! Still very busy fastening the green belt round the earth. The Anti-leftist, rise-of-religion doctrine.

Qatar, Saudi Arabia are slowly and secretly giving weapons to  some Arabs of Southern Iran, a preparation for Shia-Sunni war, an excuse to enter southern Iran and put their hands on oil !

And how many thousands of warriors from Qatar and S… are going to fight in the name of Iran’s Sunnis?!

The green belt round the earth, the doctrine of opposing leftists keeps

the USA’s mind active to produce and feed the different religious groups in order to be able to rule the world. That is why she is so quiet and planning for her Morsi’s Victory.                  

Left Unity


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