Mr. Putin

Mr. Putin

Those who forget and ignore history, lose twice.

Farah Notash            Women's power           March 2014

The Sebastopol is an important port for the specific history behind it. Particularly in this era of Fascists attempting to rise.

The liberation of Sevastopol in May-July 1942 by the Soviet Union forces against the Nazis should never be forgotten.

Sebastopol the Hero city is not only the place where Fascist's forces were smashed, but also where the most respectable and warshipable glory of courage, bravery and self sacrifice at the highest point was stamped on to the forehead of history by young soviet soldiers. The soil, the every bit of this Hero city is washed by the blood of the young members of red army who gave their lives to clean and free the world from racism.

Giving Sebastopol back to the Fascists again means disgrace and disrespecting those who lost their youth and lives. That means we have forgotten their sacrifice, that means we are not representing human values anymore and nor respecting them. Then what are we? And what are we good for? And why do we live?

77young people were killed by Andreas Behring Brevik, one of these Neo Nazis on 22July 2011. In Utaya Norway. This should never happen.

The Russian nation is not alone. The anti fascist, anti imperialist, and anti racist forces of the world are with her.

The Sebastopol is the world anti Fascist Museum .It needs to be prepared with documents, Films, painting, sculptures, Symphonies, music, concerts and arranged speeches of all the anti fascist forces of the world. All the anti Fascist books published in the world can be present in all languages, in the huge library of Sebastopol. Sevastopol needs to be opened as an anti fascist university; a place for teaching and remembering the sacrifice of soviet youth for the young people of the world to see and learn from the history. This can be a cultural gift to the world's youth against the attempt of fascism to rise again.

The Hero city of Sebastopol needs to be meeting point of the anti fascist forces of the world. The safekeeping of Sebastopol must be entrusted definitively to the anti fascist nation of Russia. The Nation who gave her young sons to free the world from the hands of the racist monster.

The world will never forget.

Mr. Putin, Women's Power the world's anti imperialist front, appreciates your understanding of the conditions of the oppressed people of Ukraine. It would be good to see the cooperation of the EU and Russia to help Ukraine to get over it.
The inhabitants of Crimea have not forgotten the bloodshed of the 2ndWorld.War.Therefore they do not want to be ruled by Fascists.
If the leading opposition in Ukraine was a truly organized people's force to help the people, perhaps the people of Crimea wouldn't have minded to stay with Ukraine. The most important step is to change the Fascist opposition to a true people‘s opposition like Women's Power of Ukraine.

The Pussy Riot group should know in the west only very cheap newspapers are using their pictures to give cheap material to their readers, and nobody takes them seriously. Women‘s power, the worlds anti imperialist front, is encouraging all the women of the world to rise against imperialism. It never approves of the women supporting the fascists. And it is strongly for being armed by Knowledge. Mistakes due to lack of knowledge only takes us back. We have learned, not all the changes are progressive. Taking off the clothes is easy, but going to a library more difficult. The world needs women to learn to Use their heads.

What we are missing among the majority of the world's leaders today, is the loyalty and honesty of the leaders towards their nations. Corruption, greed and destructive selfishness are the dominant factors all over the imperialism- ruled world. The leaders should learn, the people would not support them if they are not loyal and honest. Kaddafi is a resent example,

Yanukoutvitch is another.

Iran‘s totally corrupted mullah regime which is playing an anti Imperialist role, is Just an old hidden poppet of UK imperialism. And its mission is to persecute Iran's people. To take them back to the Iron Age and steal the entire budget. The end of its existence is near. Soon they will be pulled down by the people of Iran.

How many times should a man live to learn his lessons?!Shame to those who are promoting Fascism again.

The German nation should know better, losing all their men in the war, needs to be more careful about who they vote for! Hitler was a simple man in Austria, look how he was blown up in to the racist monster in Germany!

And now Angela Merkel is promoting the Fascists in Ukraine. This means giving arms, territory and budget to Fascists to rise in the world. The second rise of fascism again has roots in Germany! Gradually the sweet smile on the mask is getting ripped and the horrible face of Fascism is showing itself. Does she believe Hitler's intervention was correct? Does she have an eye on the Hitler's conquests!? Why doesn't she take Paris?!

The people of Germany should stop her before it is too late. She should be discharged from the G 8, not Putin.

Shame on OBAMA supporting the Ukraine Fascists. USA was beside anti Fascist allied forces in the 2nd world war.

What is really astonishing, is the unity of the spying regime the USA with EU leaders,
Lack of personality, having total cooperation with the spying regime?!

EU must isolate the spying USA and keep away from the UK.

These are the most horrible and destructive anti human imperialists who with the most reactionary ideas are destroying the world.

Mr. Putin also parts of these destructive breaks go back to the traitoring steps of Mikhail Gorbatchof and Yeltsin. Yeltsin is dead.

But the world is still waiting for the strong punishment of the greatest traitor of history, Mikhail Gorbachov. The man who disrespected the blood of 20 Million soviet victims of the 2nd World War. The man who sold the trust of his nation and his own honor at the same time. The man who is partly responsible for the great misery of the world today.

Under imperialists ruling the world, thieves and corrupt regimes have become the master of the world. The decline of the world and rise of slavery also is in front of us. The USA's prehistoric animals in the name of Islamists are destroying the world.USA and UK are developing all the Islamists in the world to take the humans back to Iron Age.

They are ignoring the long human struggle for civilization. They are
racist and are insulting the people of Asia and Africa by imposing the supra structure of the Iron Age, the fanatic ideas of 1400 years ago.

And Angela Merkel in melancholies of 1930 ies is helping the Ukraine fascists. Remaining us of the darkest period of industrial era.

While we are in the Net age. And due to the infra structure of this age the borders are losing colors. We are becoming one great family, all joined together with undeniable, vital nets. Fighting for borders is not any more the subject of our age. We belong to the borderless age: the Net Age.

But barbaric USA imperialists are trying to impose new borders. 5.5 millions Syrian children are the victims of their wish. It is ruining the lands one after the other, and planting seeds of poverty, misery and desolation.

The Mobile phone in the hand of Angela Merkel is controlled by the NSA.

That means if a leader has personality, she should turn her back to the spying regime of the USA and joins Russia to help the Ukrainian people.

Women's power, the world anti imperialist front, is against all wars.
Let's change the world, we can.

Women's power Anthem, Video Syrian children


Aspong Bahnhof (anti fascist poem and song, 2008)

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