Let us rise up for a world without nuclear weapons now, before it is too late.

Let us rise up for a world without nuclear weapons now, before it is too late.

 Farah Notash        Worlds Anti-imperialist Front       Women’s Power


On 15th July, Robert. F Kennedy Jr, Democratic presidential candidate, accused Joe Biden of preparing for a ground war with Russia.

On 17th July the White house spokesman said Washington does not want to trigger a direct confrontation with Russia and wants Kiev to end its conflict with Moscow before it joins NATO.

But a week ago, Biden admitted giving Kiev F16 and ammunitions for cluster bombs.

When cluster bombs explode, they break up into hundreds of smaller bombs, and many of these smaller bombs don’t open for some time, and are later very harmful for civilian populations. Therefore, in a UN’s agreement its usage was banned by almost all countries.

Thousands of troops from the USA have been to the US bases in Europe.

Last week the USA announced that was going to start a drone war against Russia in Syria.

The USA, Turkey and the US terrorists-Islamists in Syria, are all lining up and building up their power.

Yesterday a part of the Crimean bridge was blown up by a drone. Russia blamed the USA and UK for the attack.

NATO has armed the Iraqi Kurds with 2500 armoured vehicles.

US military movements have increased in the waters around China and Japan.

Japan, the Philippines, Australia and Taiwan are heavily armed by NATO.

New types of nuclear weapons have been deployed in Europe and US military bases have been established in former Soviet countries by NATO and the USA.

And the USA has deployed Nuclear armed submarine to south Korea.

Early in his presidency, Joe Biden said the US could use nuclear weapons not only as a response to a nuclear attack, but also against so-called “non-nuclear threats”!

And he has been working hard in getting prepared for it.

Russia has deployed nuclear arms in Belarus.

North Korea is testing Launch Vehicles.

According to the (SIPRI) Peace Research Institute’s latest announcement, which has been published recently, such a vast number of nuclear weapons has never been kept on high alert as they are today.

The USA has nearly 900 military bases all over the world under the names of “Military Base”, “Fort”, or “Installation”.

Germany, with 45 of those US military bases, is the country most misused by the USA. And it has the most obedient government due to the presence of all these bases. In fact Germany is a US Colony!

Germany is ignoring the WW2 treaty, and it is producing all kinds of weapons and overloading Ukraine with all these illegal armaments.

Poland already lives in an atmosphere of war, and its fascist government is the twin brother of the Ukraine fascist government.

The US defence minister admitted last week sending F16, F 35 and the Thomas Hendric warship to the Middle East.

Russian and Chinese manoeuvres have started in the waters of China and Japan.

And the EU for the first time is considering a specific budget to produce weapons for Ukraine!

Because the fall of Ukraine is considered as the fall of US imperialists.

The USA-NATO war against Russia-China is being prepared.   

A new international currency backed by gold, instead of US Dollar

with no gold backing, will be introduced by BRICS, (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) in August 2023, in South Africa.

That is another pain in the heart for the USA, who keeps bullying its currency onto the rest of the world.

All these are excuses for putting us in the great danger of destruction of life on earth. Therefore, an organized uprising of the whole world for Worlds Nuclear Disarmament is urgent and essential.

Stand up for your life.

Stand up for your rights.

Stand up before it is too late.




Women’s Power

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