Left Unity

Left Unity

Farah Notash                        Vienna, March 2005

Particularly nowadays the necessity of joining all the streams together to establish an immense, highly roaring river proves to be more vital than any other time. The great quake of world wide society, with the collapse of the USSR, due to different internal reasons and external historical and destructive factors with the use of fluid dollars, are undeniable contemporary events.

The quake with its expansion covered Socialist East Europe and its after shock was contagious to all the left parties and organisations all over the world.  It brought about serious changes in them.

With the emergence of regional wars, independent states were divided into numerous small hostile countries.

In the shifting balance of forces, American imperialism dispatched armed forces, land, sea, air, satellite and used ideological means, with more complex tactics, to pursue its goals in expanding its sovereignty throughout the world with consecutive deceits.

In the European Union, millions attending demonstrations were hoping to prevent the American sway.

None the less, with confederacy of the most liberal governments of the Union, the members of NATO - by knocking to the nail and to the shoe-plate (Farsi expression for keeping both sides), remained spectators.

In reality, they did not take a successful step in preventing the invasion of Iraq by US and UK imperialism. From the Ukraine to Azerbaijan, Chechnya to Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and Iraq with no serious litigate, America went straight through.

Now, with no pause, it is pumping Iraq’s oil wells, and on the other hand, it is planting and taking opium and varieties of other drugs from Afghanistan with no limitation. The US is busy with a mafia-like distribution of these goods in the world.

The US ruins people’s supporting forces first and wants them in ever smaller bits which fade and disappear.

With the power in the world becoming one sided to the benefit of imperial of capitals, capitalism all over the world, fearless and unconcerned and more confidential, with the emphasis on automation and more self-modernization are establishing an enormous class distinction.

To the benefit of liberalism and capitalism, it started taking back all the possibilities people had achieved through their struggles.

Economical chaos in collapsed and scattered countries was followed by great waves of social, political and war refugees.

The working class and middle stratums are under pressure. Poverty, unemployment, prostitution, kidnapping of children, women and youth for exploiting of the human body and organs and also for sexual misuse; advancement and development of homosexuality and the propagation of decrepit bourgeois ways of loveless sick sexual variations. Trafficking sexual slaves, rush of drug dealers and delirious distribution of drugs are of today worldwide in human society’s calamity. Exceeding discharges of employees and workers from companies. Moving factories in separate and different parts to countries which have cheaper workers – all these are today’s serious difficulties.

Growth of different mafias with anti-humanistic goals, wills and psychoneuroses which are accepted as the general states, are the by-products of these after shocks.

The men and women of today are without great human aspirations, without any beautiful horizons ahead of them, and are continuously being lost in the futility of emptiness.

With the exceeding weakness of the left parties after the defeat and great shattering of socialism, they are in deep hopelessness and isolation.

Contemporary men and women are facing ruins, emptiness and blackness. This is the great ailment of the human society of today. Without any horizons, contemporary men and women have lost their balance and are paying no attention to the idle talks and lies of their governments. They are in the narrow corner of straightened circumstances and are being drawn into an economical, cultural, political and social calamity, struggling with twitching limbs.

Nowadays, in order to save humanity, to establish beautiful horizons for today, tomorrow, for being, presence, creating a psychological balance in humans, establishing meaning and for prevention of humans drowning in a content-less imperialistic world, we must act exactly contrary to imperialism. In opposition to the crushings and shatterings, we must think of unity and power. We must think of unity and recreation of human glory and self-respect. And never ever could any stream alone quench the fire of this burnt globe, unable to pacify it.

Without any hesitation, all the forces equipped with scientific philosophy and committed to end human exploitation and the elimination of unjust imperial discrimination will find a way of cooperation and unity for today’s human deliverance.

All the activities with sectarian charakter, unity-escaper and isolation-seeker are in imperialistic and capitalistic direction.

The power of the left is in unity. The one who loosen the unity’s loops or opens them, acts contrary to the deprived and world laborers.

With experience world wide imperialism has proved that real power is in uniting and in the unity of the masses. Today humanity is dragged towards a big swamp. The danger is serious and future drowning is certainly inevitable. Undoubtedly left unity will find a way for contemporary human deliverance. Shattering and isolation, end up to the weakness of the people supporting forces.

Exhaustion and friction of one another is nothing but a tragic and deplorable action. With all these disorders, but the question is this: what should be done?

It is obvious in this situation, left parties and groups and all the scientific philosophy-believers are expected, instead of emphasising on political and ideological differences, to see bright stars and strong participating points. In the process of uniting and left unity think of confused masses drowned in all sort of disorders, unorganised and oppressed, which are in hope and expectation of a powerful human alternative for salvation.




Left Unity

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