Joe Biden’s fooling policy and the two governments!

Joe Biden’s fooling policy and the two governments!

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After the bloody scenario which started on 6th and 7th Oct, with the aim of giving strong excuse to the world for the Israeli invasion and massacre in Gaza, second scenario started yesterday.

Joe Biden suggested two governments to settle down the problems! Gaza also under Mahmood Abass responsibility!

It is clear for everyone that, governments are defined containing their different kinds of armed forces. These forces protect the people and support their rights inside and outside the borders.

Joe Biden has already sent 5000 armed forces to Israel , to help the Israelis in their destruction of the infra structure of a semi government and their massacre. (Some of these soldiers have already been wounded.)

In West Bank Mahmood Abas has no armed forces and is not able to support Palestinians rights. When Israeli people or army attack, kill, arrest the Palestinians, occupy their houses and farms, there is no armed forces to defend them and support their rights. They are simply thrown out of their houses and lives. So, this has not the character of a government!

 On the other side, the USA is not allowed to take the responsibility of the UN and is not in a position to choose rulers for the nations.

The people of Palestine under UN supervision can elect their rulers.

Besides, two governments are only real, when each have their own armed forces.  Here one is fully equipped with all sorts of arms even Nuclear,

and the other with no army and arms!  

So, it is clear who is going to dominate the other! A country with no armed forces, has no government!

Joe Biden thinks he is fooling the world, but people are aware of his deceitful policy! He is helping massacre and is wiping out Palestine out of the world map.

The new underground Gas agreement between Israel and BG British Group, is not legal. The Gas belongs to the people of Gaza.

The EU’s support of Israel, for hopefully receiving some of that stolen Palestine Gas, is a shame for humanity!

 And all these hopeless inept governments still watching the innocent people of Palestine being killed!  

All the occupiers should go back to their home countries.

Palestine belongs to Palestinians. 

There is no limit for the greed of all these

oil drinker cannibals

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