Jens Stoltenberg stop threatening Russia!

Jens Stoltenberg stop threatening Russia!

The world needs a new INF Treaty signed by all

nuclear armed countries

Farah Notash Worlds Anti-imperialist Front Women’s Power

Vienna 19.07.2019

On 21st October 2018, the USA pulled out of the “Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces, INF Treaty” (signed by R. Reagan and M. Gorbachev, 10 .12.1987) which banned missiles with a range 500-5500 kilometers.

Since then, Russia has many times explained the danger of this termination, as it will re-ignite a Nuclear Arms race, and tried to persuade the USA to stay in the agreement. But the USA, to defend its decision, has only come up with baseless excuses and restated its determination to cancel this treaty. So, as there can be no one-sided agreement, during 26.o6.2019 – 03.07.2019, the Russian upper house of parliament has confirmed Russia’s withdrawal from the agreement in response to the American move. And now, NATO Chief Jens Stoltenberg in a BBC interview blames Russia for the collapse of the agreement, parroting US groundless accusations that Russia had supposedly been violating the treaty.

Stoltenberg has given Russia an ultimatum for August 2nd: if Russia does not destroy its 9M729 missiles (the US claims, without providing any evidence, that these missiles violate the INF treaty) then NATO will make a “measured, defensive response”. And he expects Russia to stay in INF Treaty.

This is as if, when a woman divorces a man, the man is told to be loyal to his wife! This agreement is different to Iran’s Nuclear agreement. The INF is between 2 countries. The other is between Iran, EU and 5+1 countries. When the US left, the rest still were in that agreement. That is why the other countries insisted that Iran should stay in the agreement.

Today the most dangerous problems arising in the world, are due to Trump breaking International Nuclear Agreements. The chaos in the warm waters, causing one problem after the other, is due to breaking Iran’s Nuclear agreement of 14.07.2015. On the other side, breaking the “Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces, INF Treaty”1987, with Russia.

The analysis of the cause helps to find the solution.

Everyone knows Trump is not a man with the qualities for being a president. Some people coming from the USA have explained, it was a superficial agreement that he would act as the opponent to Hillary Clinton in the election campaign. Hillary was to be president. And the people did vote for Hillary, so what has happened in between, is to be considered as the main cause.

Trump has a great deal of obligation to the “US Shadow Government”.

This Shadow Government who has always controlled all US presidents, and is a harsh warmonger and racist, is the designer of all the worlds wars and problems. And has plans for world domination: the US Zionist hidden regime. Trump, to become president, promised to them to do what they want. All that is happening comes from their orders but executed by Trump.

On the other side, Trump was a successful dealer, that means he was able to use tricks and cheat other people to take possession of more of their capital. He has the true character of a dealer; the value of respecting agreements has zero meaning for him. He lets himself walk like an elephant over everything. He is an unreliable person who only sees his own personal benefit. So, he has done everything he could against the Palestinians, as no previous US president ever dreamt of doing. His gang’s most deceitful plan was Jared Kushner’s Deal of the Century: To take 50 Billion from Slaughterer Saudi Bin Salman and give it to Zionist banks, to make jobs for Palestinians. And of course, in return to this great generosity, the Palestinians would give their country as a present to the occupiers!!

Mahmood Abas, Hamas and the world supporting Palestinians refused it.

Trump is surrounded with people who know how to control him to get what they want. And as he is very ambitious to become president again for the next four years, he does not mind what he offers. He has no personality. So, what can the world expect from such a person? Nothing.

Solution: Look at history.

The USSR, and Russia today, have always been for world without nuclear weapons. Russia would never attack any country, but if it is attacked, no matter the price, it will be the winner. As long as the EU doesn’t attack Russia, there will be no danger from Russia.

Trump will always be the same, unreliable and irresponsible.

The US Shadow Government will always be a warmonger, racist and with no limits to its greed. It is the USA who need Atom Bombs for bulling the world and constant attacking countries of the south.

So the EU can ask the USA to leave NATO. The USA can pack up all its bases and missiles from all EU lands and go.

NATO can become the EU’s army. Then NATO would not be misused for any plundering wars in southern countries. And there wouldn’t be any refugees for


Then a new INF Treaty could be signed by all the countries having nuclear weapons.

Long live humanity and for a world without nuclear weapons

No to warmonger USA

No to misjudging of Russia

Women’s Power

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