In the name of the people

In the name of the people

in the camps of Sabra and Shatila


Farah Notash Worlds Anti-imperialist Front Women’s Power

Vienna 22.10.2023


Nethan Yahu addressed Iran and Hezbollah: Don’t test us in the north, because your payment will be very heavy. Be cautious!

He also added: the conflict has been imposed to Israel, and present goal is a crushing victory against Hamas. 16.10.2023—16.15

Nethan Yahu was elected again as prime minister of Israel on 4.11.2022.

Since 1996 he has been elected for this position nearly all the time.

He, as Augusto Pinochet, the Chilean president, has studied in the USA. But their difference is that Pinochet has taken the position in a coup against Salvador Allende. But Nethan Yahu, has always been elected as prime minister by the people in Israel. And until now, nowhere has been stated that he has achieved this position, through any kind of cheating.

The life history of Nethan Yahu is clear for those people who have been gathering there, from all over the world.

Great Israel is the name given to the lands in between the Rivers of Euphrates and Nile. These 2 rivers come as two blue band on top and bottom of Israeli flag, and white colour in between them, with the 6 cornered David star on it.

Nethan Yahu is from Likud Party. And now he is the leader of the Likud


party. This party is the most racist, extreme right, Zionist Fascist Israeli Party, and has started its work with terrorism.

The people who vote for Nethan Yahu, have come from all over the world to Israel, to elect no one else but Nethan Yahu!

And Nethan Yahu by throwing out Palestinians from their houses and their farms, is nonstop making Israeli towns. He is ignoring the UN agreement on the Palestinian lands. And if they resist, they are killed and buried under rubble by bulldozer in the same place. Or they are driven to the depth of ruinous poverty and reduced as second degree Israeli citizens, or their youth, is stollen by being chained in dreadful prisons.

The Palestine’s map, which is converted to Israeli map, all is due to the Nethan Yahu’s ignorance and UN agreements disrespect.

Return to 1967 borders, and making two states and two governments is the UN agreement. But Nethan Yahu entirely ignores and opens the path for the great Israel! In this new era of his position, he intensively is ruining and occupying the lands of the West Bank.

The western pro Zionists media would not reflect the cry of Palestinians to the world.

BBC: Human rights group are saying: for a long time, the cruelty against Palestinians is applied in a way that, no one is condemning that, especially around Holl, Havare and Nablus, which are ideological towns.

It has been said that this condition is reinforced by the right extremist

(Likud Party), in the new government, who are expanding the Israeli towns.

The Israeli police says that it is researching over the case. But investigators

believe that this is only a show for a self-propagating.

Beside the military research way, for arresting Palestinians in the cities, and

Palestinians armed attacks against Israelis, the worries are rising for

uncontrollable violence.

Day by day, this fear is increasing, as getting near to the climax point.

Although the US leadership to help the people of the West Bank, there are significant signs, that seems the responsible people in the West Bank are not able to control security in the main towns.



In condemning the massacre of 3500 Palestinians in the camps of Sabra and Shatila, under the command of Ariel Sharon, 16-18 Sep 1982, about 90 western countries casted blank votes.

But in condemning Hamas attack to Israel on 7th October 2023, all the west

defended Israel. And the reason for this attack is unsaid and ignored.

This attack was in defence of the people of the West Bank and all Palestinians.

There are two choices; to implement the UN agreement or to make war in solving the states problems.

Everyone condemns the wars. But no one condemns ignoring the UN agreements which will end up to the wars!

The civilization defenatly is respecting the UN agreements. For all these past 75 years, the agreements have been ignored by Israel. And the

Palestinians have been pushed out of their homes, killed,

arrested, and driven to the depth of poverty as second-degree Israelis!

When Nethan Yahu says we are in war with animals, then he believes killing the two million Gasa inhabitants is the duty offered to him by the people who elected him! That is why he is nonstop bombing Gasa days and nights!

When Nethan Yahu says the conflict has been imposed to Israel, and the present goal is, a crushing victory against Hamas; he thinks, the attacks, aggressions and killing against Palestinians, is his rights and their defence is imposed conflicts! They are animals because are defending themselves!

And now he is looking forward for a crushing victory! As if, it has been otherwise before!?

What kind of people are those who vote to Netanyahu?! They find their own happiness in the misery of other people!?

Many of the Jews, including German Jews, accusing the reactionary behaviour of those voters, have returned to their original countries. They are sick and tired of those who constantly elect Netanyahu!

And the supporters of Netanyahu accuse them of being racists. While the necessity of voting to Netanyahu, is to be racist! These people have other choices too, but they prefer Netanyahu!!

In this condition when demonstrating people condemn the supporters of Netanyahu, some politicians accuse them as antisemetists!

In fact, those politicians, are not defending Israeli Jews, never mind if their own parents mostly have been Nazis! But they are opportunists. They are after credits for their own political situation, by supporting Zionists! They are opportunists!

The freedom of Palestinians today, is not only the responsibility of the

Palestinians or the Arabs, but duty of all humans. Freeing the humans from the cruel domination of Zionist-Imperialist.

Long live world solidarity to free Palestine
Long live Palestinians’ freedom in electing an unreligious government.

Women’s Power


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