Human’s Order – Against USA attacking Iraq

Human's Order - Against USA attacking Iraq

Against USA attacking Iraq
Farah Notash, Vienna, January 2003


World is crying – he can’t care
Insists planning massacre.

Profits of war in his head –
Never fears bloodshed.

All destructive arms he has,
Urges to use on the mass.

Killing the man just for oil,
Rose will vanish from the soil.

Money, money, oil and gold –
Humanity has been sold.

Criminal thoughts to get wealth –
Is his mind in real health?

Will to possess black gold,
Babies’ breath getting cold.

Uncle Sam and old time wishes,
Warm water and hand which reaches.

Stand and shout for man’s right,
Before he takes life from sight.

Human’s order he must care,
Stop the plans of massacre.


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