Human rights

Human rights

Earth is going round and round

Where you stand ...Is just the ground

Does it matter where you are

The Milky Way... still too far

Days are followed by the nights

Not every where bright with lights

Darkness swallows just some parts

Not every where ...on the charts


Shower of lights oh shower of lights

All the beauties come on sight

Listen to the fiddler’s song

Man is wounded far so long

Earth would devour all of us

With indulgence not for a class

Let us have light every where

And enjoy ...the glory of  share


Before the great change for all

Stand for human rights and call

Earth is going round and round

There can be no human bound

Man can be eminent and be brave

Before any where lies in the grave

When is talked of human rights

Human life goes under lights


Farah Notash

Tehran May 1992

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