Synchronous to the exhibition about Hitler in Berlin
Dedicated to the Youth and Workers

Farah Notash, Oct 2010 Vienna

No prophet ever came
Without…the message of justice
Then questioned people
Who was the helper?
Suppressed working class
The army of hunger
The earth was shaken

Never…have I believed that…
That huge explosive roaring volcano
Erased in center
Broken in black cross
Was Hitler

With later raised industry
Determined ….desperate
Aggressive eager
To conquer world
Capitalism of Germany
With a stern mask on his face
Constantly screaming
No doubt was Führer

Long duration …centuries
When British Empire
Shadowed the globe
And parallel with
Other states of Europe
Chewed the flesh of colonies
Right… to the bones
Capitalism of Germany
With many convolutions
Which prone him to… repeated heart attacks
With stored aggression of greed
For delayed chewing
Arriving late and hasty to go early!
Prepared a new mixture
And called it…
National Socialism

The two conflicting parts
Capitalistic war maker base
Anti war socialism
The working class’s collectivist ground
Which was minimized just to the name
And for motivation …racist toxin added

National Socialism
That deceptive Class’s peace
That true imperialistic trap
Misusing working class…for capitalistic greed
Brain washed them
For believing and devoting…their lives
For the impossible…for that mirage

National Socialism
As strong toxin
Poisoned and killed…all joined men
In Hitler’s last parade
Boys seemed twelve thirteen
In men’s uniforms and hats
Had to go to war
Wars and wars …left no man to take the guns
Hatred for one... blocks vision
For brightness needs one
Search for roots and reasons

A talented Austrian man
Born in Braunau 20 April1889
Wishing to be… an artist
And was a worker…“Gelegenheitsarbeiter“
He was deformed
Under… the rough aggressive
World’s…Imperialistic system
Brain washed…misused
By Germany’s heavy industry owners…bankers…capitalists
Nazis and some Nazis Zionist
All hiding behind him
Pushing him …to be the war maker
To be their…non-stop killing machine

Said Hitler
In the last minutes of life
Just Eva and dog… have remained loyal to me
Then swallowed… the capsule of poison
30th April 1945 in Berlin
A devoted capitalists’ servant passed off

Being misused
To wash earth…with blood in wars
To burn countless victims …in concentration camps
To mislead… the working class to falsehood
To darkness to grave
To cause a prolonged deep deep wound
For his own nation
To ruin himself as a working class’s man
To be…a puppet and tool for capitalists

Generations… over three
Have already gone
But… damages… miseries and pains…
Still going on…
And on…and on


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