Caution … automation

Caution … automation

The belts should be fastened


Farah Notash World Anti-imperialist Front Women’s Power

Vienna 10 .12. 2020


With the development of the 4th industrial revolution’s technology and wide availability of robots with high capabilities in many different fields, imperialists have a strong desire for utilizing the robots, which will minimize their need for human workforce. Now in large factories, 100 robots are replacing 1000 workers, and 10 technicians are responsible for controlling and repairing the robots.

The robots do not strike, do not ask for extra payment for overtime work, nor for unemployment wages. So, the capitalist can take all the money from the sale. When Rockefeller in 2010 in the Club of Rome proclaimed that one billion people is enough for the globe, he was estimating the needs of its own class with utilisation of robots. Not only, were there no words about working class needs, but also indirectly, the obliteration of the majority of the working class was clearly announced.

If a large number of jobless workers in northern countries still have the right to experience life at the lowest level with their small unemployment benefits, they are a adjusting themselves to the present conditions. Large families are fading away and individual living is in the process of becoming the norm. But in the southern countries, with obscurantist regimes, like in Iran, what kind of future can be expected for the working class?

The corrupt import of foreign products, farmers driven out of the villages into the towns, looking for work, markets all engaged with imported goods, jobless workers, or angry workers who are not receiving payment for the work they have done, what can be the prospects? Which power is the supporter of the working class, under pressure from all sides?

In the past, if a farmer had 8 sons, his farm was more prosperous.

But now, if a jobless worker has even one son, what will happen to him? Who cares about 7 million street children in Iran?

Automation, mass production, and jobless workers who lose their shopping power. The capitalists with mega capitals, stretching their markets to the whole world by selling online, and slowly demolishing national bourgeoisies and their governments. Not only they do not lose their profits, but also are the cause of great class disparities in the world.

Meanwhile, the living condition in countries of the North and South are diverging tremendously. The worst cases are found under the gloomiest regimes such as the Mullah regime of Iran, with enormous sums of money stolen from the national budget as well as extreme attempts at brainwashing.

Buying bread on credit – is this anything but a silent massacre?

The Mullah regime of Iran transfers the responsibility for the kindergartens from the Welfare Office to the Ministry of Education, with the sinister aim of brainwashing children from very early ages and causing a cultural gap with the nations in the north, equivalent to a thousand years of human development. But the Mullahs themselves send their own children to be educated in northern countries!

The world trembles when fanatics kill 2 or 3 people in northern countries, but is indifferent to the killing of 60 -70 people daily in Afghanistan.

Why, when the Taliban carry out armed attacks on schools, so as to stop cultural development in Afghanistan, is this seen as a boring daily event, and why is no serious actions taken against it by the powerful countries?

Why does the daily murdering of this nation, not cause any pain to any powerful county? And why are killings by the Taliban recognized as a normal process?

What is the imperialists’ program for the southern countries? That all the intellectuals should be destroyed by the reactionary regimes, such as the slavery regime of the Mullahs?

Isn’t the establishment of such a deep, humiliating gap between nations, designed in preparation for a programme of destruction of certain nations and races in the future?

On the one hand, advanced automation in northern countries, and on the other hand, extreme religious reactionary regimes in southern countries!

Could it be that the driving of nations to two extremely opposing poles is a means for the acceptable evacuation of the inhabitants of these lands in the future?

The workers in the North become jobless, and the establishment of corrupt regimes like the mullah regime, which destroys local

products by smuggling in foreign products. Isn’t this designed at creating a one-thousand-year gap between North and South?

Why do the Mullahs send their children to live in northern countries and harshly treat the people, making them follow the most reactionary, fanatical religious rules?

Here the nation of Iran is not only facing a cruel thieving and corrupt Regime. Degrading the nation’s human essence, while poisoning the other nations with these reactionary ideas and stealing from the national budget causes great responsibility for the Iranian nation.

Automation, digitalisation, nominization, robotization all are the names for computerising machines and controlling them remotely.

What is the role of COVID-19 and its repeated mutations in the centralized domination of the world in the “Great reset of Klaus Schwab”?

Who gives them the right to be the guardians of the world population?

The world slavery system is coming at high speed.

What is the way towards human salvation with the people’s scattered army?

Women’s Power

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