Blackmailed President

Blackmailed President

who could ever think …

one could be chosen … as a president

to be blackmailed!


planned blackmail

throughout …the electoral period…

the opponent …

with millions of votes ahead… but…

the US Mullahs Guard council… the collages!

recognized overambitious Trump

suitable for their colonialist plans

ending in capturing Jerusalem


for the past 20 years …

no US president

dared to take a step

towards this particular wish of…

the US Zionist regime

Jerusalem… as the capital

of an illegally occupied country!


The step…more dangerous than

dropping all the atom Bombs

all US Presidents… ignored the signals

therefore… Zionist collages… Voted for Trump


The US Zionist Congress… the devils centre

with many organized armed and non-armed forces

with false excuses … is blackmailing Trump

to do … what other presidents have already stalled

pushing him to drop …

the mega bomb


as a fact…

all the sanctions against Russia

are the absolute

anti-human US Zionist regimes

devilish secretions


now becomes clear …

relating everything to Russia

is totally inseparable part of

capturing Jerusalem


why capturing Jerusalem  

is so dangerous

Moslems believe that their prophet

rose from there to heaven

so… dropping this Mega Bomb

not only the islamists… but

will activate worlds Moslems

in a religious hurricane movement


and is not difficult to imagine

the Jews position in the world

The Jews…

the totally deceived people … by the Zionists

the first victims of this

horrible colonialism

pushed to occupy Palestine

through Holocaust chimneys

to fulfil vast plan of the Zionists

“capturing Middle -East resources”


The Zionists know all this

but… behind pretending … supporting Jews

are brutally misusing them

for their worldwide plundering plans

misuse them as unpaid soldiers

and keep them under the poverty line

in the occupied land


dominant devils of blackmailing … the Zionists

Choosing Jerusalem…

as the location for US Embassy

the step… for their malicious plan


for sending secrets to Wiki Leaks

the 26-year-old democrat

was killed in dark… and buried in silence

now sickening blackmail

has pushed the Trump

towards the precipice

he can’t imagine… the costs of this ransom


once in a life …every human

no matter the price

should stand for his honour

Trump… needs to stop

this constant blackmail…

pay no more ransoms

cry as loud as he can

brave-armed US opposition is waiting

ask the armed opposition

for help

pull down Zionist US regime

arrest all the sick members of the bloody Congress.

and never drop any Bomb

over any human

Palestine belongs to Palestinians

make a state in the USA

called Israel

and evacuate Palestine …

of all the illegal emigrants


Farah Notash

Vienna 3.12.2017

Poem Book 8

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