Farah Notash
Vienna, December 2003


Clamour...was hidden,
I heard…someone calling my name.
Opened I the window,
my hand…
sank into the blackness.

Thunder like sharp pain
ran through my veins
and gripped my heart.
I withdrew fast,
but I had no hand…anymore.

Clamour…was hidden,
my handless wrist was shivering with pain,
but…no bleeding.
Precisely no blood.

My cry suppressed in blackness.
I could only point
Kneeling to the ruins of life time struggle.
All mouths wide open,
breathes in with no return,
But no one did not even whisper a word.

Clamour was hidden.
Not to the far,
nor to the near.
Disgusted look of mine was pinned to the blackness.

Planned fast cut,
captured my mind.
I was surrounded by blackness.

Clamour…was hidden.
No one was calling me.
Everything was finished,
for me…
Nothing remained anymore,
and fear
fear of tomorrow.

Clamour…was hidden.
Crumbled human wishes of mine,
running out of sight.
Blackness has swallowed my hand.
Rise of a long silent cry
without any shadow.
I am being sucked to the depth of the earth.

Clamour…is hidden.
No one will call me again.
Wind is howling from blackness side
is sweeping hopes and future away.
Now –
I am arbeitslos


Arbeitslos (jobless) means being sacked from a job and being paid a little amount by government.

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