Adam Lanza

Adam Lanza
Kissinger's home trained soldier

Farah Notash
Vienna Dec 2o12


With Open eyes

Having not much seen of his life

With bullets in chest

And last unfinished cry on his lips

No support help or hug... so lonely 

His last tears... drop on the floor

And he a pencil still lies... in his tiny hand


Circulating pain... from her heart and throat

Is washing her face

Being concise in her sweat little angel

How can live without you ... and your words?

Without holding your little hands my hands?

And Cries with her... all the world.


One ...two? Is over twenty?

No... much more

A conceivable number to four

Genocide... Holocaust in Iraq

Since 2003... till now

US's Phosphorus Bombs 2004... in Frucke

Birth of endless deformed babies with no head

Super criminal ...

Multi dimensioned corrupted is...USA regime

Survival? ...Will drown in self-made slime.


Adam the first victim

Of the homemade civil soldier's generation

One decade combat computer games

Racist Zionists project,

Misusing children and youth in their homes

Injecting killing culture in their head

A total brain wash... deformed... racist

Killer robot... insane... part of US war machine

To take orders... to conquer world for imperialists

Thousands? More... Millions of

Fresh... homemade Adams are on their way


Obama's gun restriction law suggestion

Is collecting the froth

For curing this deeply infected wound

A great shake is needed ...a true upside down

A perfect revolution


US's one and only armed nation

Unite...stand for your rights

Point your 300 million guns... towards imperialism

Pull the ugly old racist down

Wipe his imposed killing culture and wipe his existence

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