Time to arrest Netanyahu!

Time to arrest Netanyahu!

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Yesterday in an unexpected step some of the relatives of the Israeli hostages busted angrily to the Kenest in Jerusalem and demanded an urgent action for freedom of their relatives.  Among the points they stated was,  the freedom of our relatives is not important for you!

This is the most important historical fact, that the Jews have announced after recent experience. It does not make any different, Jews or Muslims, the lives of the people are not important for the colonialists!

The Jews were the first victims in establishing Israel.

The Zionist organisation “Haias” , by lying to the Jews in different countries, with the slogan of “Freeland for freeman”, transferred them to Palestine. And when they were in Palestine, they did not find a free land!

The ones who had economic possibilities returned to their homeland or went to other countries. And the others who had no economic possibilities, had to stay in Palestine and kill the Palestinians for the Zionist colonialists!

Again, on the 7th of Oct 2023 the first victims were the Jews!

After the massacre of 1400 Jews, then the excuse to genocide Palestinians was ready. During the past 4 months, not only over 30000 people were killed, over 10000 missed under the bombed buildings and over 65000 injured; but over 2 million Gaza inhabitants, who have been starving during these horrible time, have ended up with all sort of Gastro-intestinal disorders, plus high malnutrition disorders for the rest of their lives. 

Who has designed the 7th of Oct attack scenario?

The one who does not stop killings. And has hopes on benefiting this attack!

What is the source of benefit?

One of the world’s largest gas mines, which recently has been discovered in the Gaza Sea.

This is the reason for the US disagreement with the cease fire in the UN Security Council, under the name of Israel’s self-defence!

Israeli self-defence which is ending in up in ethnical cleansing and genocide!

The self -defence, with the aim of capturing Gaza and pushing the 2 million people out of their home!

And then the US Authorities, pretend supporting civilians, by gently advising Netanyahu, “be careful with the civilians’ lives!” 

All these nonstop running US-Israeli play, has never been able to blind the world, in seeing the colonial reality!

In this era the world has been witnessing the most savage and uncivilised behaviours by Israel, which has been supported by the USA.  

All these horrible US Policies does not leave any further place for the its Human rights games!

Time for the USA to leave the Middle- East and Europe.

Time to arrest Netanyahu &Co




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