Support South Africa

Support South Africa

 in the international court against Gaza Holocaust

Farah Notash          Worlds Anti-imperialist Front          Women’s Power            12.01.2024

Sun has risen from Africa! Thanks to the human unity, thanks to the cry of South Africa in the international court of Hauge against this brutal, vulgar excuse of US- Israeli greed for capturing the Gas of Gaza under the name of self- defence or fighting against Terrorism!

At last, a government has stood to defend the most innocent nation bombed day and night since 7th of Oct 2023, killed by imposing hunger and lack of medication, in front of world eyes!  Against Israeli ignorance to the cry of the UN, for blocking food and medication helps!

Blinken’s dance between the Arab countries, to find a friend for Israel  is really funny!

The greatest human tragedy non-stop has been going on by Israel in Gaza, and the USA in the security council, has supported Israel bombing, under the name of Israeli self-defence! Self defence against terrorism!

Wasn’t it Israel who promoted Hamas to stop the activity of other Palestinian organisations?!

Wasn’t it Iran’s blood thirst Mullah regime who supported Hams!?

Isn’t Hamas the illegitimate baby of the Israel and Mullah regime!?

Shouldn’t Israel in the court defend itself, for co-planning of 7th of Oct

attack with Hamas, for what world has witness since?!  The ongoing colonialists’ aims!

All the nations have cried to stop killings, but US- Israeli impudence has

astonished the world.

The world is silent. This silence is not the reflection of agreement. But hatred. Rise of hatred is like a huge storm! But burning and deep, and no more tolerable.

The shameless vulgar face of Netanyahu, no more human like, but more of the monkeys’ red buttocks!

Support South Africa in its defence for justice!

 Stand against inhuman brutality of colonialists’ greed!

Women’s Power




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