The US Manners

The US Manners

It is …manner of the US Regime

for any aimed diversions

to set off bombs

as … in Chicago 1st of May 1986

then blames and executes

innocent people… for its own crimes

as the execution of …

Nicola Sacco

and Bartolomeo Vanzetti

with the electric chair


It is the US manner

to cruelly bomb

and make sudden attacks

then with a cheeky grin

and a bagful of fake excuses


from Japan 6th August 1945

to Iraq March 2003

It is … US manner

to ignore and cancel

all the agreements

as…production and usage

of…Bioweapons 1940-1999

and the victims of its savage attacks

Latin American and the Far-East


Now the US’s hidden secret

late summer 2019…the US grip

silent death … of 8000 people for it

with no permitted autopsies              

and the quiet shut down

of the Detroit Base!



whatever the number of US victims

do not forget to add up … 8000

Detroit’s hidden victims



Farah Notash

Vienna 27th April 2020

Poem book 8

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