Farah Notash

Vienna's Technical University Flows Parallel to Danube

Farah Notash

Vienna October 2012

Architect students... are exhibiting small models with great imaginations. Under the title of: by Water

Not equal, not similar, with high creative individual outlooks and imaginations, a big collection has flown to form the stream work of 2012. Giving rise to formation of steps, ways, passages from the level of promenade of Danube canal to the parallel street in Vienna's first district. Vienna being one of the main centers of Gothic and baroque architecture, now is capturing the educational and training fields of the young talented architect students to give more beauty to the Danube canal.

This Project applies to all the architect students in different stages, but the participants in the present exhibition mainly are the 2nd year students. The present exhibiting at the Gebietsbetreuung Stadterneuerung  of the 20th district.
The exhibition consists of three parts. The Models which are very well displayed.

The books, which are presenting the photos of not exhibited models.
Details and inside architecture of models are as printed plans on walls.
The material used in these models is pure wood .Warm and the most acceptable material next to the water. These models although are acting as bridges between the two different levels ,called steps or ways ,but are also applied to other usage and functions too. Bars, waiting rooms, showers, workshops, ways for bicycles, watch towers, and most of all, themselves being a beautiful chance, as a high stand for looking at the sights and sceneries of Danube canal from high above.
The color of them all, are the color of plain wood.

But the style and movements in these models are Geometrical, minimalist, pluralist, sharp pointed cubes forming radical motions. Kind of giving science fiction environments. Not like what happened in the past ...but the loops Joining us to the future.

The second style which has come to use is organic. The round and soft sloping oblique lines of dimensions of the cubes bringing the viewer close to nature and environment .Supported together with circulating cylindrical forms of known and familiar forms, giving away to a relaxed feeling.

The 3rd group is the mixture of the two different styles. Geometrical and organic, rotating inside, moving twisting straight lines of dimensions, with eye catching created textures. Sudden happiness of coming in view, with the fresh different orientations on the cubes dimensions. Texture well and highly worked with straight and oblique decorative small pieces of wood.

Well chosen names for these imaginary constructions, giving equivalent literary good feeling. As  Danube waves, Radikal H├╝ttenkostruktion,Twisted Tower, a way to go, Sky walk and rest of the names.

Although the routes are in the Gothic and Baroque styles, sparkling new branches and leaves have reached the suggestive sunny sky of contemporary style of architecture today, facing the tomorrow.