Farah Notash

The capitalist pumpers

Farah Notash
April 2011 Vienna

Exaggerated straight neck
Bending even backwards
Neck of… metamorphosed swollen man in center
Pointing at himself, with one thumb
Emphasizing… in every single moment
His absurd priority
And taking for himself…so much
As obvious rights…
The eagerness …is swollen too
As him…the Dictator

Doubled faced men
Surrounding him
All pumping him pumping him… with one hand
And taking for themselves with other
 Much too much
As much as they can
Pyramidal strings
Join them all
To the shortly blasting central man
Doubled face pumpers
With prostrating face, towards center
And the rough rude side … towards people
Brains washing
Slaughtering… Killing them
But pumping…and pumping the Dictator
 And no end… for taking
This capitalistic pyramid
This pumping machine
When it is… just beheaded
By the hungry sick
Roaring risen people
 That repeated known…
The mysterious game… starts
Imperialists’ hands forming
A pleonastic new head  
With no brain
A puppet…as a new man
But… a Dictator again