Farah Notash

World Nuclear Disarmament

Farah Notash | Left Unity | April2012

Not only the storehouses of 5+1 states are totally stuffed with all sorts of nuclear weapons from old to modern types, but also they believe, to be the world’s guardians! And that only they have the right to own Nuclear weapons. All along the last century they have tried to convince the masses in that direction through their Medias.

These imperialist states not only have thousands of Atom Bombs, but also they are the producers of all kinds of mass murdering chemical, microbiological and other weapons.

Production of facilities for spying and torturing prisoners is also part of their skills!
The arms trade business requires wars. Directing and starting all the wars in the world is part of their two-sided profiting scheme.

The NATO (North Atlantic Terrorist Organization) is their united multi-armed organization. Although superficially pretending to protect human rights, in reality plundering the world resources is their aim.

The former President of Germany had to hand in an early resignation due to what he had revealed in an interview “we are in Afghanistan to have our share”!
As Zionists are the most active and important part of world Imperialism, therefore Israel needs no permission to have the Atom Bombs! But it also sees as its own duty to attack and threaten other countries, without being questioned by the UN! And if it is criticized by some people for its extensive criminality, the supporters of the hidden Zionist dictatorship and opportunists start screaming and wailing through their Medias all over the world : Oh anti Semitists… oh what about the Holocaust! And start all together boycotting the criticizer.

To take the spotlight away from Israelis criminality, and prohibit people’s anger, some quick arrangement always takes place. That is some speeches and lectures against anti-Semitism and about the holocaust here and there, and in the Medias. The color of these well known Zionistic Imperialistic tricks has faded away, and now has more of a comic effect.

The storehouses of the Zionistic state of Israel are also overloaded with all kinds of mass murdering weapons plus never counted Atom bombs. Zionist Israel as an active ally of the USA in the Middle East even attacks other countries without consulting the USA

Israel has attacked nuclear bases of Iraq and Syria, and never been questioned by the UN.

In the past few years, the world has witnessed a new report from imperialistic Medias every day:

Iran has the Atom Bomb!   Iran has 20%-enriched Uranium.  
Iran will be able to make an Atom Bomb in 10 years! Iran will be able to make an Atom Bomb in 2 years! And it goes on... Israeli wants to attack Iran’s Nuclear Bases.

And Iran wants to wipe Israel off the map.
Showers of threats from both capitalist states takes place against one another, while the imperialists friends of Zionism, the 5+1 go on increasing and tightening  sanctions as ever more. Raising the pressure on the people of Iran.

The USA brings Abraham Lincoln and pallbearer (Aircraft carrier Enterprise) with a capacity of nearly 5800 infantries and more than 100 aircrafts to the Persian Gulf.
No evidence of Iran having a single Atom Bomb yet, but they have thousands of them.

Yet they are accusing Iran and getting ready to stop Iran.

Who will benefit from this war?

For the past 11 years, the greedy, forever hungry wolves of NATO are ripping the wealth of oppressed Afghanistan,

We are there to take our share, says the former German president
The games of sick American soldiers is to cut the Afghan man’s fingers off as souvenirs,

To piss on the killed Afghans, and kill women and children.
Wake up Mr. Obama; you do not have much time. It is not important if you are elected once more or not, and it is not an honor to be president of this Plunderer and Marauder state and regime. It is important to take a step for humanity and rescue lives.

Do not copy the play of 2003 again.

USA attacked Iraq for having Chemical weapons. While you never found anything except OIL there!  From 2003 until now you and your ally the UK are evacuating the Iraq’s Oil Mines for free. You have ruined the country and planted noting but Misery there. Stop deceiving the world masses, imperialism according to its selfish essence is not able to worry about democracy for the people; it is well proved they are entirely after the world’s wealth.

And now, you and your allies are after Iran’s mines. Iranians do not need your help or democracy, just leave them alone. The USA is the first and the only user of the Atom Bomb. Do not play the wise man’s role; you are not any wiser than the other Imperialists. The people want no guardian but:

Nuclear disarmament of the entire world