Farah Notash

Volksstimmefest (english)

Reflection on the Volksstimmefest
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We can greatly appreciate and express our gratitude to the hard working KPO-activists, who arranged and organized the Volksstimmefest Vienna 2008.The event, nearly all the leftists, parties, organizations and individuals showed their active cooperation, and the attending people enjoyed very generous entertainments.

Lots of various different foods to eat, many things to buy, and many concerts to listen and watch. Even possibilities to watch sport matches like Judo-contest and funfairs for children, as well as organized first aid people and charity ambulance. Many thanks for all these well organized gatherings, which brought many different activities together in the last two days of August.

With a quick look at the history and background of the Volksstimmefest, we see that it was founded by the KPO in 1946, with great political goals. Many socialist countries were invited. They used to present their progress in social and technical development. There was always attendance of the people of Vienna and provinces, as to similar events, EL Pais in Madrid, Humanite in Paris, others in Italy and northern Germany and many other European countries, are run and organized at the same time.

With a glance at the ten past years, the question is, how much have we been able to move forward?

Who are we? The leftists.

What is forward?

Achieving the rights for the working class, "both physical and mental workers" and consequently obtaining social justice for the entire society, while class distinctions are growing extremely fast in the whole world, how many members have we been able to send to the parliament?

Here in Austria which is rather a democratic country, do the leftists have a daily paper?

What is their share of programs on the radio and TV?

How are the Leftists progressing in communicating and approaching the working class, or are they just contented with sitting in their own corners?

What are the statistical improvements and true signs of positive changes in connection with struggles for the working class?

Let us face the facts and do not deceive ourselves, the people who attended the Volksstimmefest were fully interested in the food, shops, entertainments and the different concerts in various parts. The people showed the least interest in the written materials of the leftists and the speeches. The people ignored the leftists in the event held by them. They came, they drank, ate and enjoyed free entertainment and never asked what their host had to say.

They participated as in any ordinary festivity searching for fun and free entertainment.

This is the situation which is getting more and more critical each year.

The evidence is the pathetic number of votes the leftists have received in the country every year.

In the Volksstimmefest except Cuba we have no other socialist countries, and we feel increasing agony due to the expansion of imperialism and the imperialists being able to continue without any anxiety at the current globalistic stage. This has been the rising fact for the past ten years

What was the goal of the fest?

If we do not achieve any success moving towards our goal we have to change our method and policies

If the imperialists are right, and we have no points for us to struggle, then lets give up, they are much better entertainers than us. But if we have something to say and we are aiming at changing the course and direction of the movement and consequently the world, we have to be intelligent, we have to be creative, stop all the inefficient activities, do not do them again and again as routine procedure. That is waste of time and energy. Giving food and cloth in the consumer society which is fully bombarded by advertising companies used by capitalists.

While the movement in here is just like walking in tar, and this still deteriorating, unchanging leftists position does not make any one stand up and do something about it, the Volksstimmefest becomes a simple tradition.

Please let us wake up.

Please let us face the tragic forceful realities destroying human life.

Please let us not play and waste time and energy any longer. Look at the statistics showing what the world loses in human rights and dignity every minute.

Please let us unite, and put our thoughts and ideas together for every serious step towards building the future.

Let us preserve the good steps our dear comrades took 1946.

Please let us make the next Volksstimmefest truly a political event, with heartful of leftist political ideas, culture and art, to reach the people's heart. For that we have to unite now.

We have limited time, not centuries.

We need to be more sincere and truthful to our goal.

PS: As the Volksstimmefest is not at all a commercial event, the leftists should never pay for the place. This can only occur when we unite.

Some unhappy mothers were complaining about high expenses of foods, childrens’ games and the toilets, and accusing the communists charging them high, not knowing the place needs to be paid for.

Farah Notash