Farah Notash

Urgent Need For Brave Self-criticism

Farah Notash, Wien, Jänner 2007

Many of the Communist parties supported Mikhail Gorbatchew until the absolute collapse of the Soviet Union.

This was the cause of destructive damages to many of the communist parties. Some members who were against Gorbatchew’s action and the very support of their Central Committees of his policies, left their parties. They either founded a new organisation and started to be active in them, or became depressed, disgusted and totally passive.

Since then the unbalanced human society has been multiply attacked by different imperialistic invasions. Left Unity as a basic human necessity to rescue human society is obvious. In this direction rejoining all the members of the Communist parties is of course the most logic wish. For it a brave self-criticism of the Central Committees is of urgent need.

The yerars have gone and the hidden secrets are revealed. Every attempt and steps taken are clear as a bright day. The documents of traiting of Gorbatchew are in reach.

The misery caused by the collapse of the USSR has been experienced, proved, analyzed and seen.

Self-critisism is the most correct and revolutionary step in order to reunite.

A new arrangement of parties to welcome rejoined forces, opens the way for a strong struggle against unjust factors in societies.

No hesitation should delay this bright attempt.

Best wishes for dynamic and strong Communist parties.